Can I Download Utilities For My Macbook Pro

Tucked away in the Mac Applications Folder is another folder, the Utilities folder. I like to differentiate applications and utilities like this. Applications help you get things done with your Mac and utilities help you get things done to your Mac.

When i boot up my macbook, i find myself sitting at a blank white screen for a long period of time. Eventually the screen turns to a grey background and OSX utilities opens up. Can anybody explain why this is happening and offer any solutions on how i can get my macbook back to normal? For me it was due to an invalid file entry on the disk - perhaps due to a recent power loss. I opened the Disk Utility on the OS X Utilities screen and validated all drives shown (using the 'Repair Disk' button). It repaired my disk (file count in a directory was off by 1), and now all is back to normal (so far). Download and try Outbyte MacRepair right now to see what it can do for your Mac. When you see the macOS Utilities window or OS X Utilities for older Macs. Next How to Fix Gray Screen Problems on MacBook Pro OS High Sierra. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

Can i download utilities for my macbook pro 2020

The programs in the Utilities folder help you fine tune, troubleshoot and configure your Mac system. Some of these programs you will likely never use but it’s good to know they are there in case you run into problems with your system.

The programs are listed below. Some of the programs that you will use more often have their own article associated with them. Click through the links for more information.

Activity Monitor

The Activity Monitor let’s you look at the various things that are going on your Mac in real time. You can monitor what programs are using your system memory or hogging your CPU. You can also monitor programs that are accessing your disk drives, your network.

Airport Utility

If you have the Mac wi-fi router AirPort this utility allows you to manage the configuration.

AppleScript Editor

AppleScript is the scripting language included with OS X. With AppleScript you can build your applications that allow you to control your Mac from a simple to use language. AppleScript Editor (formerly Script Editor) is a built in editor that allows you to create your own scripts.

Audio MIDI Setup

Musicians around the world chose to use Mac computers because of the great audio applications that are available for it. If you play a musical instrument and would like to connect it to your Mac you will use this utility.

There are two tabs in this program, Audio Devices and MIDI. Audio devices allows you to adjust the settings on all of the audio input and outputs on your Mac.

The second is MIDI Devices. MIDI, the Music Instrument Digital Interface is a language that is spoken between electronic instruments. Your Mac can speak it too. If you have a keyboard or other MIDI device this utility will help you get it connected to your Mac.

Bluetooth File Exchange

Bluetooth is the wireless protocol used by your cellphone and cellphone accessories. With it you can send files back and forth between Bluetooth equipped devices. This utility allows you to setup your devices so they talk to each other.

Boot Camp Assistant

Boot Camp is the multi boot feature included in OS X that allows you to install Windows XP or Vista onto your Mac. It’s an alternative to using a virtual machine.

If you intend to run a copy of Windows you will need this program to help you set things up.

ColorSync Utility

If you are doing graphic design work on your Mac you know how important it is that there is consistency between how colors work on your display and other mediums. Apple developed Color Sync as a way to standardize colors on multiple devices.

You can use the ColorSync Utility in Mac OS X to modify an image file. Adding effects, changing color spaces, resampling images or correct the color and brightness of an image are all possible.


The [intlink id=”746″ type=”post”]Console is an awesome utility for troubleshooting your Mac[/intlink]. It rolls up all of the system logs and presents them in an easily accessible form.

Digital Color Meter

The Digital Color Meter is a utility that lets you display the color value of any pixel on your screen. It’s useful if you are doing graphics design work and need to match a color with something on the screen.

Disk Utility

Disk Utility is a general purpose disk management application. With Disk Utility you can repair hard drives, erase disks, partition disks, manage disk image files (DMG). If you have a server you can also manage RAID sets.


[intlink id=”513″ type=”post”]Grab lets you take screen shots of your Mac desktop or applications[/intlink] and save them in various formats


If you are using your Mac for scientific work or are a student check out Grapher. Grapher is a data visualization tool built into Mac OS X. With Grapher you can input equations and visualize the results.

After you’ve created your graph you can play around with the appearance of the graph and create animations that you can share with others.

Java Preferences

Java is a technology that allows you to write applications that will run on a variety of computers. This utility allows you to setup the preferences of the Java Virtual Machine. The Java Virtual Machine is a computer inside your computer that runs Java programs.

Keychain Access

Your keychain is where OS X stores various system and website passwords. If you use a program that requires a password you often are prompted if you want to save it into your Keychain. This program allows you to manage your keychain. If you want to change or remove any of the passwords in your keychain use Keychain Access.

Migration Assistant

If you purchase a new Mac and want to transfer the contents of your old Mac onto your new Mac you run the Migration Assistant. The Migration Assistant will make a mirror of your old Mac. It preserves your setings, preferences, applications and brings over all of your documents.

Network Utility

Network Utility is a swiss army knife tool for testing your network connections. If you think something is going wrong with your network, start by looking here.

Podcast Capture

If you are using your Mac to record podcasts and are sending them to Podcast Producer you will use this Utility. If you don’t know what Podcast Producer is you likely will not need this program.

Raid Utility

Raid is a disc drive protocol designed for high reliability. If you have a Mac Pro and a bank of hard drives you can configure them to run as a RAID array. This utility allows you to setup the array.

Remote Install Mac OS X

If you are lucky enough to have a MacBook Air one thing you might notice is that it doesn’t have an optical drive. This could cause you a problem if you need to reinstall the operating system. Remote Install Mac OS X will allow you to install OS X on your MacBook Air if you have access to another Mac computer.


Spaces allows you to have multiple virtual desktops. It’s typically accessed via a hotkey on your keyboard. When you press the hotkey, it runs this utility. You will likely never need to run it on it’s own.

System Profiler

System Profiler is a great troubleshooting tool and one you should become familiar with. When you run System Profiler it takes a snapshot of your entire Mac. It will capture information about your Mac hardware, your Network setup and also the installed Applications on your machine.

It’s most useful when you need to call Apple about a problem with your system because you can export this snapshot and send it to them.


Terminal is your window in to the wonderful world of UNIX. Terminal allows you to access all of the great UNIX commands that are installed into OS X.

VoiceOver Utility

The Mac is an accessible operating system. This means that out of the box it is designed so that someone with limited vision can still use the system. It does this with VoiceOver. VoiceOver will enable your Mac to speak to you. Someone with limited vision can use it to read email, highlight and read sentences, read aloud the web.

Free Downloads For Macbook Pro

This utility will allow you to setup how VoiceOver should behave.



The Mac OS X operating system is based on UNIX (if you’ve heard of LINUX this is his big brother). Because of this it can run many applications originally written for UNIX. The X Windows System is the graphical user interface (UI) used by UNIX for their desktop interface and GUI programs. In order to run X programs you need an X Windows System. The X11 Utility provides the environment for you to run X Windows programs on your Mac.

Most people won’t need this and in fact it isn’t installed by default. If you need to run an X Windows application and this program isn’t available you can find it as an optional install on your OS X installation disc.


There you have it, a whirl-wind tour of the Utilities on your Mac. It’s important to have an understanding of the tools in your toolbox in case something is wrong. I hope this gave you enough information to get started. If you have questions about specific utilities please feel free to ask it over in our forums.


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When it comes to erasing the data stored on your MacBook pro, people come across many issues since they don’t know what to do to get rid of all the data for good. In such sort of scenarios when you need toerase MacBook pro hard drive, the best and safest course of action is to completely erase its memory so that your data might never be misused by anyone.

Part 1: How to Erase all Data from MacBook Pro

Can I Download Utilities For My Macbook Pro Windows 10

If you are planning on erasing all your data from a MacBook Pro, you have come to the right place. This article discusses various details on how you might be able to do so. Go through the below-mentioned tutorial to find more.

Can I Download Utilities For My Macbook Pro Model

  1. The first step requires you to reboot your MacBook
  2. When it is booting up, hold the CMD + R keys at once. You will enter the OSX utility section.
  3. Click on the ‘Disk Utility’ button and hit ‘Continue’.
  4. Now go to Applications > Utilities > Disk Utility.
  5. Make sure to unplug all the external drives from the MacBook.
  6. Check out the list. You will see the name of the hard drive twice. Click on the second one.
  7. Hit the ‘Erase’ tab.
  8. Select the Mac OS Extended (Journaled) option under the Format tab.
  9. Before running the final steps, run the 'Erase Free Space' feature as well.
  10. Hit ‘Security options’ to select the level of security you want for your drive. In case you are planning on selling the Mac, drag the slider towards the right direction as it overwrites 7 times.
  11. When you are all set, hit the ‘Erase’ button to say goodbye to all of your data for good.
  12. Wait for an hour or two until the process completes.

Part 2: How to Erase MacBook Hard Drive on Windows

If you want to erase the data on your MacBook hard drive using a Windows-powered computer, you need a good tool to do so. Stellar BitRaser for file is one of the best choices in this regard. It helps you in erasing all the drives, internet activities, system traces, and your entire data permanently. It makes sure that the data is lost completely and that there is no room for any recovery. Some notable features offered by this tool are listed below.

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  • Allows you to permanently remove all your data and make it unrecoverable
  • Removes all the internet and system activity
  • Allows scheduled removal of data
  • Single right-click solution
  • Features 17 different file erasing algorithms
  • Supports almost all variants of Microsoft Windows

To completely erase all of your data from a MacBook hard drive using BitRaser for file, you need to follow the steps listed below.

Can I Download Utilities For My Macbook Pro
  1. Download Stellar BitRaser for a file on your windows, and connect your Mac hard drive to your PC.
  2. Launch Stellar Eraser and click the 'Erase Now' section and select your Mac hard drive.

Can I Download Utilities For My Macbook Pro Max

  1. Click 'Erase Now' button to start to erase the MacBook hard drive on Windows
  2. It will take a couple of minutes to completely erase.

3utools For Macbook Pro Download

Tips:In case you are planning on selling your MacBook and you believe that there is some sensitive data present on it, the right course of action is to go for multiple deletions of the data. To do so, it is strongly recommended to make use of the BitRaser for the file to carry out the above-mentioned process two to three times at the very least. Doing so will eradicate any chances forMacBook data recovery.