Can Macbook Pro Download Lightroom?

Can Macbook Pro Download Lightroom?Can macbook pro download lightroom softwareSoftware

I previously had lightroom 4 added on to my computer. Somehow i stopped paying for it and it still let me use lightroom. Now I am trying to download a preset I bought from someone but it wont let me download it to lightroom. I tried downloading lightroom again but now it says my computer isn't up to date. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom for Mac is a truly unique photography application with an amazing list of abilities and excellent design. Powered by the reputable Adobe company and now updated to. Cracked Photoshop/Lightroom. Posted by 1 year ago. My car was stolen, I'm about to return my MacBook Pro (money is tight). I'll be back my friends! I was excited to go back from vacation to find my newly purchased MacbookPro, waiting for me at my family house. However, my car was stolen and I need to save money right now.

Mike Myers

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May 15, 2017
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I have had the latest Lightroom (purchased) on my MacBook Pro for almost a year now. I've updated to Sierra, and never had a glitch.
About three or four weeks ago, I added the ON1 software, including the modules that allow Lightroom to access the ON1 program. All seemed well, but I haven't really used it much.
Starting maybe two weeks ago, while editing photos, my MacBook locked up temporarily. In every instance I was cropping a photo, and the 'icon' on the screen that is used to show how to move an edge of a photo left or right got 'stuck'. I closed Lightroom, and re-started. One time there was a strange 'shadow' that moved around on the screen as I moved the cursor. I should have taken a photo of it, but didn't think of that at the time.
Last weekend the same thing happened, but the entire computer froze. Nothing worked but for the mouse, the clock was 'stuck', and I couldn't do anything. After calling Apple, I held the power button down until the computer shut off, then started it again, and right after I heard the 'beep', pressed the COMMAND, OPTION, P and R keys. I think this is supposed to clear out the memory.
With the Apple service tech on the phone, we checked out the computer - no errors, everything seemed fine.
So, I'm now thinking that it never crashed or had a problem before, so the MacBook Pro is not likely to be the cause, Lightroom has been working fine all this time, so maybe it's also OK, in which case the only thing I've done that is 'different' was to install the ON1 programs and plug-ins.
Anyone else have this happen? Any suggestions?
(I can remove the ON1 software, but I'd like to figure out what the problem is, so it can be corrected. I'm out of the country right now - maybe when I return to the USA Apple will suggest a way to get information from the problem, if/when it happens again, that will identify the source of the problem.)