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Download the latest version of Celtx for Mac - Scriptwriting and pre-production support. Read 0 user reviews of Celtx on MacUpdate. Download the latest version of celtx for Mac. Administrative solution for audiovisual pre-production. Celtx brings together all the necessary tools to completely. While the developer is fixing the problem, try using an older version. If you need the previous version of celtx, check out the app's version history which includes all versions available to download. Download prior versions of celtx for Mac. All previous versions of celtx are virus-free and free to download.

Installation Process

Celtx is a free writing software designed especially for scriptwriters who work in film and television industries. Here the user needs to login to the software and can start using rather than downloading and installing like in many writing software.

Basic Features


Celtx allows users for online collaboration. This helps the writing teams to work remotely and even others as they can perform all their work from one document. This further allows all the members of the writing team to edit and view the content online.

Celtx Script Writing App

This enhances the quality of the work immensely as the users can have their say at any time. Here index cards are used to start the work and the users of the team can share images and add notes while working.

Celtx allows the users to add a wide range of information for the highlighted set of words. This software provides an application for mobile phones as well. This will help users to monitor their work on the go.

This software updates the software frequently to enhance the quality and to keep the software more useful for writers.

Celtx free download for mac

Special Feature

Can we use this software offline? Yes you can. Celtx provides the opportunity to edit and view documents offline to its users.

The “offline” option needs to be activated before leaving the internet connection and the users of the team can access the offline document by selecting the “offline” option under the “file” dropdown menu.

This is one of the most important features as it allows users to concentrate on the work every time.

Latest Improvements

Celtx has allowed exporting call sheets into sheets through their latest update. This has allowed the users to have control of formatting too.


The software only allows you to switch to “offline” while online. So a sudden internet connection failure will not let you switch and do your work offline. So this is identified as one of the main limitations of Celtx.

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Kickstart your ideas with Celtx, a full-feature scriptwriter with media rich pre-production support. It gives you the best of both worlds in one easy-to-use package.

Write a blockbuster

You're rearing to go almost right from the start thanks to Celtx's easy-to-learn system.

The perfect tool for anyone working in a team, even one that spans long distances, Celtx provides online collaboration tools and a double feature software that lets you screen write or plan in the pre-production stages.

Pitch-Ready Script

Work anywhere thanks to Celtx's mobile apps... even offline. This makes Celtx ideal for anyone traveling, including frequent flyers.

Plan and schedule shoot locations and dates on the go, saving you time and money. Send members their individual pieces to ensure they're ready as well. Write promos, shorts, features, webisodes, commercials, and more with industry standard editing software that gives any struggling writer a leg up.

Create storyboards that let your ideas shine, with the ability to block shots and mark cameras, lighting, positions that the cast will take. You're in control. Nail the storyboards the way you've always imagined.

Never waste money again when you can break the script down to let you get everything ready for the next shot. Cast, props, equipment, locations, and wardrobe are all included on your checklist.


Create a detailed list of every shot required, then plan each shot down to the camera angle and movement to ensure that your production is flawless. You're rearing to go almost right from the start thanks to Celtx's easy-to-learn system and user-friendly design.

Where can you run this program?

Celtx For Mac Free Downloads

Celtx can run in your browser, and features mobile applications for Android and IOS, as well as a downloadable version available in the Mac store.

Is there a better alternative?

Yes, but the alternative, Final draft, is also a paid software and only deals with the screenwriting process. The pre-production process is not addressed. The software is a great option if you want a better tool or only need to screenwrite.

Our take

Celtx is subscription-based software that lets you write scripts and prepare pre-production shoots. It's an excellent multi-tool for anyone making their own video-based content.

Should you download it?

Yes, Celtx is one of the best options for any production crew or screenwriter who need a helping hand to get the task done, especially while working in groups.

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