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Now that we're through the introductory articles on Pandora, let's start using it! Actually… before we do that, we're going to show you how you can take Pandora with you on the go by downloading and installing the Pandora app on your mobile device. You don't have to do this to use Pandora; you can simply access it straight from the website on your desktop computer. But, for those of you who wouldn't mind some portability in your use of Pandora, we'll show you how to make it go mobile.

To download and install the Pandora app, open your mobile device's app store and search for 'pandora'. Once you find the 'Pandora Radio' app, tap Install (or Get and then Install). Accept Pandora's request to access functions on your device, and it will automatically download and install on your device.

Download Pandora On Macbook Air

Sounds pretty straightforward, right? Just in case, though, we'll show you how it's done in full.

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(NOTE: These directions are based on a device running the Google Android operating system. We will note where actions may differ a bit on devices running the Apple iOS operating system, such as iPads or iPhones.)

Download pandora to macbook airplay

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Full walkthrough for how to download and install the Pandora app

  1. Turn on your mobile device and find the Play Store (or App Store on iOS devices) in your application manager. Tap it to launch it.

  2. Tap the search box at the top of the app store (or top-right corner on iOS devices) and use your (virtual) keyboard to type in 'pandora'. Out of the suggestions that appear, tap the one that says 'pandora radio'.

    When you find the application with the Pandora logo, tap it to select it.

    (By the way, Pandora's logo looks like this: .)

  3. Once you have the Pandora app selected, tap Install (or Get and then Install on iOS devices).

    (NOTE: You may be asked to log into your Google or Apple account, etc., in order to continue. Do so if you have to, but you can skip this or back out if you want to and/or can, because Pandora is otherwise free to download, install, and use.)

  4. You will be shown a list of functions on your device that Pandora may need to use. If you're okay with that, tap Accept.

  5. The Pandora app will automatically begin downloading and installing on your device. When it finishes, tap Open to launch it.

Download Pandora To Macbook Airplay

That's how to get Pandora on your mobile device! Oh, and one more thing that we'll mention: you can also get an app for Pandora on your computer desktop, but you need a subscription to Pandora One in order to download and use it. In any event, you can find it here.

Anyway, next we'll cover how to sign up for Pandora!

Macbook Air software, free download

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