Flight Simulator X On Macbook Pro Download

Listed in this category are a selection of flight simulator packages and games that are free-to-download. Most of them are compatible with Windows, Linux and macOS (or OS X). Some are demos of fuller simulation packages, such as the Microsoft Flight Simulator X Demo or X-Plane, while others offer the entire package because they are open source such as FlightGear.


Flight Simulator X On Macbook Pro Download

All of the files here are free to download – no registration or subscription is required, however, some of the installation files are quite large so you may benefit from registering for a PRO account (which offers uncapped download speed). Plus, you'll have full speed access to download any of the files in the library such as any aircraft, scenery and tools you may wish to install.

Flight Simulator X On Macbook Pro Download Operating System

Microsoft Flight Simulator X, like its ancestors, is an amazing flight simulator where you can enjoy and play with everything that a real plane offers. You are free to choose between multiple views, each one better than the last, and an ample variety of flying machines, from super light planes to boeings, and even bombers and seaplanes, amongst.


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  • I'm looking into buying a flight simulator, preferably XPlane 10. 13' MacBook Pro? I would think not. XPlane is very 3D intensive and the 13' lacks a more powerful dedicated graphics. The map files take ages to download and the program is hard to learn and master as it mimics a real cockpit and controls.
  • First of all, we should explain how the MacBook Pro flight ban came about. It all started back in June 2019, when Apple Apple announced a recall for certain MacBook Pro 15-inch laptops sold.
  • Download Microsoft Flight Simulator X for Mac OS: Microsoft Flight Simulator X is the most realistic and popular game in the Microsoft Flight Simulator series. In this game you will find more than 20 aircraft, more than 100 highly detailed airports and 28 cities more than thirty missions and more.
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator Mac OS X – TOP 2020 Simulator macOS; Crash Bandicoot 4 Mac OS X – Want to play on macOS? Tony Hawk Pro Skater Mac OS X – 1 & 2 Complete Edition; FIFA 21 Mac OS X – Standard EDITION Macbook iMac; The Outer Worlds Mac OS X – Political Polemic RPG for macOS; Dragon Quest XI Mac OS X – Another TOP RPG for macOS.

Support for Multiple Operating Systems


Flight Simulators For Mac Computers

The packages here offer support for Windows, Linux and Mac. Microsoft Flight Simulator X runs on Windows only while X-Plane and FlightGear run on all operating systems (Windows/Linux/Mac).