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'iDVD no longer comes with the MacBook Pro. What is the best alternative to iDVD for burning DVD on Mac?'

'Hi there, Is there an alternative to iDVD. I have a brand new iMac with El Capitan 10.11.1. Anyone suggest me the best iDVD alternative to burn movies to DVD on Mac? Thanks in advance.'

No iDVD on your new Mac? iDVD missing after upgraded to Lion? Yes, iDVD is forever gone with Lion and Mountain Lion. You will never find it preinstalled on your new Mac unless you purchase and download it from iLife suite. So if you're now looking for an iDVD alternative to burn DVD on Mac, you may need to find some iDVD alternatives. This guide would share some effective alternatives to iDVD so as to help you burn DVD without iDVD on Mac.

Part 1: How to Burn DVD with iDVD

System Requirement: Mac OS X 10.4+ Simply Burns for Mac, developed by Martin Koehler, is an open-source project. It’s yet one of the best free iDVD alternatives to create DVD & CD from data, audios, videos, and images. It has the Rip Disc mode helping to grab the Audio CD tracks. But iDVD was dead since OS X 10.7 Lion, and can’t be found on the Mac App Store with all of the other iLife apps. If you have a new Mac with the latest OS version, I advise you to purchase a more professional third-party DVD burner. Mac OS is the most stable operating system for any kind of desktop activity. As a Mac OS fan, you may want to use the Mac OS on your Windows PC to get different operating system powers within the one PC. So that you have to find the best and the trusted software application to install MAC OS X on PCs or Laptops.

Mac users are all suggested to use iDVD burn DVD on Mac computer once iDVD is preinstalled. iDVD has without doubt been the best and most efficient solution to burn DVD on Mac. The below guide would show you how to DVD with iDVD on Mac.

Detailed Steps on How to Burn DVD with iDVD on Mac

1. Launch iDVD.

2. Go to 'File / One Step DVD from movie...' from the menu bar.

3. Navigate to the movie file you want to burn to DVD with iDVD and check it for loading.

4. Insert a blank writable DVD disc (DVD-R or DVD-RW recommended) into your SuperDrive, and iDVD would start to burn your movie to DVD on Mac soon.

5. When the DVD pops out, insert it into the regular DVD player connected to your TV and enjoy.

While initially available only for Macs with a SuperDrive, it was included until 2011 with all new Macs; from iDVD 6 onwards, Apple supports the ability to burn projects with third-party optical drives. iDVD was no longer preinstalled on Macs shipping with OS X 10.7 Lion, and was not available on the Mac App Store with all of the other iLife apps. It was, however, still available in the boxed copy of iLife '11 until iLife '13. Therefore, if you don't want to purchase the iLife 11 or later versions, you have to find an alternative to iDVD to help you burn DVD without iDVD on Mac.

Part 2: How to Choose iDVD Alternatives

Free idvd download

Getting an alternative to iDVD seems to be an ergent for Mac users who would like to burn DVD without iDVD on Mac. The problem now turns to be how to choose iDVD alternatives, or how to decide which one is the best iDVD alternative software to burn DVD without iDVD on Mac. There may exist different standards for people to decide which iDVD alternative for Mac should be chosen. By taking comparison between iDVD and various DVD creator software for Mac, we have filtered severa important elements for you to select a right iDVD alternative.

As is known to all, iDVD only supports QuickTime compatible video and image formats. This makes many people upset when they want to burn videos in AVI, MKV, WMV, MPG, ASF, etc. via iDVD. Therefore, a good iDVD alternative should be friendly with different video files, no matter it's home camcorder video, downloaded video or other video file.
Disc menu plays important role for people to easily decide which to play. A wonderful iDVD alternative should come with different preset disc menu templates for users to choose from, and if possible an internal disc menu editor to let users freely edit and customize disc menu with personal preferrences.
An ideal iDVD alternative should also come with a built-in editor that allows users to touch up souce videos to get the best display effects. Multiple video editing features should be included, like: trim, crop, rotate, add watermarks and adjust video effects, etc.
As the best iDVD alternative, the program should burn videos to DVD disc or convert videos to DVD folder or ISO Image file. Similar to iDVD, it should also support a wide variety of disc types like DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, DVD-5, DVD-9, etc.

Of course, these 4 standards are only based upon the features of iDVD alternative, which are far more from enough to determine an iDVD alternative. There are also multiple other elements that may help, including: program stability, video to DVD burning speed, quality of burned DVD, ease of use, price/cost, ISO image burner ability, subtitle and audio track selection permission, etc. You could refer to these features to determine which iDVD alternative you should turn to.

Free Idvd Download Mac Os X

Part 3: Top 3 Best iDVD Alternatives

To make it easier for you to know what iDVD alternatives you could get and what are the best iDVD alternatives, we have made a selection upon iDVD alternatives for Mac below. You could check the below content to learn more.

N0. 1 Best iDVD Alternative - Leawo DVD Creator for Mac

Leawo DVD Creator for Mac is the best Mac DVD burning software for Mac users to create DVD content on Mac easily. It enables you to burn video to DVD disc, folder and/or ISO file on Mac conveniently in either DVD-5 or DVD-9 format according to your demand. Meanwhile, it also offers one click operation to burn ISO file to DVD disc on Mac computer. What's more, the built-in photo slideshow burner could directly burn photos to DVD photo slideshow on Mac. To get a DVD file with personal patent, Leawo DVD Creator offers several interesting bonus features: the internal 2D to 3D converter helps create 3D movies, built-in video editor allows editing videos, while the disc menu designer enables designing disc menu upon preset disc menu templates.

No. 2 Best iDVD alternative - Burn

Burn is a free iDVD equivalent for Mac OS X. With its simple interface, you can creator audio, video, pictures to disc and it is also capable of coping data and audio discs.

Idvd Download For Pc


  • Choose different filesystems so you can share with people with different OS
  • Create standard Audio-CD discs with ease
  • A wide range of videos discs can be made, from VideoCD to DVD-Video discs

No. 3 Best iDVD alternative - Roxio Toast

Roxio Toast is complete digital media toolkit for Mac OS X. New features of Roxio Toast includes to capture, edit, and enhance audio with Toast Audio Assistant. Advanced DVD authoring capability with Toast MyDVD. Create DVD movies with titles, menus and chapters. Cops CDs and DVDs, burn data and music. Record your screen and add voiceover. Convert video for iPad, iPhone, Apple TV and other devices. It also supports iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S6.

Part 4: How to Burn DVD without iDVD

Leawo DVD Burner Mac, the best iDVD alternative, helps you burn DVD without iDVD on Mac with ease. It now only could burn QuickTime MOV to DVD, but also burn DVD from MP4, AVI, MPEG, AVCHD, FLV, M4V, F4V, etc. It offers multiple useful and user-friendly features like internal video editor, 2D to 3D converter, disc menu editor, etc.

DVD Creator for Mac

☉ Burn video to DVD disc, folder and/or ISO file on Mac.

☉ Edit video files via video editor and add 3D effect.

☉ Add and design disc menu to get customized DVD.

☉ Burn ISO file to DVD disc on Mac in one click.

Detailed Steps on How to Burn DVD without iDVD:

To make use of this iDVD alternative, download and install it on your computer via the abovementioned links. Then, follow the below steps to learn how to burn DVD with iDVD alternative - Leawo DVD Creator for Mac. It also has a Windows version. You could choose the one that meets your computer system.

1. Import video file into this iDVD alternative

Simply click 'Add' icon or directly drag and drop source video files into this iDVD alternative.


  1. If you want to burn video to DVD disc with this iDVD alternative, you need to insert a blank writable DVD disc into the disc recorder drive.
  2. After importing videos, set output disc type ( DVD-5 or DVD-9), set aspect ratio and output quality at the bottom.

2. Edit video files (Optional)

Click 'Edit' option on desired video title to enter the video editing panel, where you can crop the frame size, trim video length, append effects, add picture or text watermark, and rotate video angle. If you have no editing needs, just skip this step.

3. Set disc menu

On the right sidebar, you could select a disc menu for output DVD content. There are various themes of disc menu. Click the middle of selected disc menu to get instant preview. What's more, you could edit your DVD menu like adding background picture and music, choosing desired buttons and frames, etc. by clicking the pencil-shaped icon on the preview panel.


  1. As to the disc menu editing panel, you could add background music/video/image, change title position and content, adjust text font, size, color, etc.
  2. You could save edited disc menu template for future use.

4. More DVD burning settings

After setting disc menu, return to the main interface and click the big green 'Burn' button to call out the burning settings panel, where you need to do burning settings like burn video to DVD disc, ISO file or/and folder, input volume label, set saving destination for output files.


  1. If you only need to burn DVD disc on Mac, insert a blank writable DVD disc into the disc recorder drive and then select DVD disc recorder drive as output under the 'Burn to' option.
  2. With this iDVD alternative, you could burn video to DVD disc, folder and/or ISO image file at the same time.
  3. Make sure your computer hard drive gets enough storage if you want to create DVD folder or ISO image file.

5. Burn DVD on Mac

Finally, click the 'Burn' button to start burning DVD without iDVD. You could then view the whole DVD burning progress on the burning interface. After burning, you could view burned DVD content on your DVD player or otherwhere.

iDVD is a DVD software which allows Mac users to burn DVD movies, music, and digital images. Downloading iDVD is widely used on older versions of Lion and Mountain Lion operating systems, but it is now ceased on newer versions of Sierra and High Sierra, as well as Mojave. This has been a challenge for Mac owners with these newer systems who would like to create and burn DVD projects. In this article, you will learn about downloading the different versions, features, and how to downlaod and install iDVD on new Macs.

Recommend Product

Free Idvd Download Mac Os X

Wondershare DVD Creator-Best Free IDVD Alternative You Deserve to Own

  • · Capable to burn videos in MTS/M2TS and other formats to DVD/Blu-ray DVD/ISO files/Data Disc.
  • · Build-in editor to personalize videos by Triming, Cropping, Effect, Watermark, etc.
  • · Creating photo slideshow with music and transition effects to DVD easily.
  • · Customize DVD menu with different parameters like title, picture, text, etc.
  • · Offer 100+ free static and dynamic menu templates with different features.
  • · Converting MTS/M2TS to DVD with super fast burning speed and high-quality output.
  • · Additional functions like Data Disc, ISO to DVD, DVD to DVD, DVD to Video, One-click to Burn Disc, etc.
  • · Supported Operating System: Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP, Mac OS 10.14 (Mojave), 10.13 (High Sierra), 10.12, 10.11, 10.10, 10.9, 10.8, 10.7, 10.6.

Part 1. How to Download iDVD for Sierra, High Sierra, and Mojave Operating Systems

There are older iDVD versions and updates that you can get for new Macs, but you may have to commit to buying the iLife '09 or '11 suite or resort to downloading an alternative. The following provides iDVD version update information for Snow Leopard, Mountain Lion and Maverick operating systems so that could download iDVD.

  • Download iDVD for Snow Leopard - iDVD version 7.1.1 update for Snow Leopard is available for you to download iDVD on the iDVD version 7.1.1 download page. You will need to already have iDVD installed on your computer.

  • Download iDVD for Mountain Lion - The iDVD version update for Mountain Lion is available on the iDVD version 7.1.2 download page. It is a free full version update that is most compatible with Macs running Mountain Lion that currently has an iDVD download version.

  • Download iDVD for Maverick – Since newer macs do not support iDVD download, you may have to download an alternative, like Wondershare DVD Creator for Mac. If you do not want an iDVD alternative, you may have to commit to purchasing the iLife suite to get iDVD. In addition, you will also need to download the latest update on Apple's iDVD downloads page. Version 7.1.2 is the latest update and most recommended for Maverick operating systems.

There is no easy way to get the full version of iDVD downloader other than downloading the updates to version 7 and purchasing the iLife Suite '09 or '11 discs. If you do not want to go through the hassle and expense of buying the suite and downloading the updates, you should consider downloading the best alternative to iDVD software.

Part 2. Feature Differences for iDVD versions

The features for the different iDVD versions are small but significant. Use the following information to learn about the different features and updates for the different operating systems and how you can get an iDVD alternative that package all these features into one application.

Free Idvd Download Mac Os X

Note: It is important to note that all the iDVD versions for the different operating systems have the same icon.

  • iDVD for Snow Leopard – This version features sophisticated and professionally designed themes for your DVD discs. You can integrate iPhoto images and slideshows into iMovie movies when you create an iDVD project. In the version 7.1.1 update, there is an added feature for sending iPhoto slideshows to iDVD.

  • iDVD for Mountain Lion – This version provides the capability to customize themes, design menus, and buttons. It also allows you to create and add slideshows to your DVD projects. Projects can also be archived and retrieved for later use or burn to DVD. In the version, 7.1.2 update there is an improvement for importing iPhoto slideshows. It also resolves an issue on how files are linked and how iDVD uses the CPU when searching for missing files.

  • iDVD for Maverick – Since Mountain Lion is most compatible with Maverick, the same features that apply to Mountain Lion also apply to Maverick.

The iDVD features are somewhat different for each operating system, but it is best to get a DVD creator that combines all these features in one application. Instead of spending time to find updates with new features, you should download a better alternative, such as Wondershare DVD Creator for Mac. It offers similar and extended features to those available in iDVD.

Wondershare DVD Creator-Best IDVD Alternative

  • . Best alternative of iDVD to burn videos or pictures to DVD/Blu-ray Disc/ISO files/DVD Folder on Mac OS X 10.7 or later.
  • · Creating photo slideshow to DVD or save as MP4 video with music and transition effects on Mac.
  • · Additional functions such as ISO to DVD, Data Disc, DVD copy, DVD to video conversion, video editor, one-click to burn videos, etc.
  • · Customized DVD menu with 100+ free template and background picture, music, text, thumbnail, and others.
  • · Built-in video editor to crop/trim/rotate videos, add subtitle/watermarks, apply effects, and more.
  • · Real-time preview and burning videos to DVD with super fast speed and high-quality output.

Part 3. How to Install iDVD

Installing iDVD on new macs running Snow Leopard, Mountain Lion, and Maverick requires that you have the iLife '09 or '11 disc on hand. If you do not have it you will need to purchase it on Amazon. If you already have the disc, follow the instructions below to install iDVD.

1. Insert the disc into your drive, read the introduction, and then click Continue.

2. On the Software Agreements dialog box, click Agree to continue with the installation.

3. Now, select the hard drive where you would like to install the application and click Continue.

4. Click Install, and then click Customize.

5. Select iDVD and then click Install to complete the installation.

6. When the installation is complete, you can now register the iLife applications.

When the installation and the registration is complete, you will need to download the latest iDVD update from the iDVD version 7.1.2 download page.

1. On the iDVD download page for version 7.1.2, click on Download.

2. Now click on Save File and then follow the instructions to complete the installation for the update.

When you are done installing the update you can now proceed to using iDVD.

Idvd 7.0.4 Download Mac

Part 4. Best Alternative of iDVD to Burn Videos to DVD on Mac

Not like the inconvenience of iDVD, Wondershare DVD Creator can burn videos and photos to DVD/Blu-ray Disc on both Mac and Windows operation system, even Sierra, High Sierra, and Mojave. You can also save videos and photos to ISO files or DVD Folder on your PC. This DVD burner provides additional functions than iDVD such as Video Editor, DVD to DVD, DVD to Video, One-click to burn video, and others. With Wondershare DVD Creator, you can customize you DVD menu with 100+ free template designs and changing background images/music to personalize your DVD. Forget iDVD and begin making your creative DVD with a few steps.

Video Tutorial of How to Burn Video to DVD on Windows with Wondershare iDVD Alternative

Steps to Burn Videos with iDVD Alternative on Mac

Step 1 Launch Wondershare DVD creator-Best IDVD Alternative and select new project.

Download, install and open Wondershare DVD Creator on Mac. Select the option Create a New Project from the initial interface.

Step 2 Import and edit videos with Wondershare DVD Creator.

Click the + sign to open the file browser. Select desired videos or pictures you want to burn, or simply drag and drop videos to the interface.

You can see all your added files displayed at the left panel as thumbnails. Click the pencil-like icon on the thumbnail to open the Video Editor window, from where you can crop/trim/rotate videos, apply effects, add watermarks or subtitles, and more other functions. Skip this option if you want to keep your video original.

Step 3 Customize DVD menu with iDVD alternative

Move to the Menu tab and select a DVD menu template that matches your theme best from the provided design list on the right panel. Hit the icons upon the preview window to customize the template further, you can change background image or music, add text, create chapters, and make other changes.

Step 4 Preview and burn videos to DVD.

To preview the created disc, click the Preview tab. You can back to previous steps for adjustments if anything you're not satisfied. Next, click the Burn tab and insert a blank disc into your Mac. Choose Burn to Disc option and finish the Burn Settings it asked. Finally, click the Burn button to start burning process with iDVD alternative.

So if you want to find a tool to burn videos to DVD or make photo slideshow on your Mac, Wondershare DVD Creator is your best choice as the alternative to iDVD. Just follow the steps above and you'll convert your videos and photos to DVD effortlessly and in high quality.


Since iDVD have so much limits and inconvenience , although downloading iDVD on Snow Leopard, Mountain lion and Maverick is available, we still highly recommend the best iDVD alternative-Wondershare DVD Creator which available on both Windows and Mac to burn MTS/M2TS videos and other formats to DVD/Blu-ray DVD/ISO files/Data Disc easily.If you are interested in burning other formats to DVD , you could click here to know more!

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