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Developed by Bandoo Media Inc, iLivid offers a video download manager for YouTube or other third-party media hosted website. It sports a super quality VLC Player and powerful features to download hosted files like a streak of lightning.

Unfortunately, the commonplace version opens a new can of worms and a vast majority of users end up purging it in a couple of days. Community reviews paint a gloomy picture of corruptible software infected by malware.

Ilivid Free Download Mac
  • Free download iLivid iLivid for Mac OS X. With iLivid, you can watch any video format and download videos from downloading websites such as: Youtube, Rapidshare, Hotfile, and more.
  • How do I access the free iLivid download for PC? Just click the free iLivid download button at the top left of the page. Clicking this link will start the installer to download iLivid free for Windows. Will this iLivid download work on Windows? The free iLivid download for PC works on most current Windows operating systems.
  • Free download ilivid latest version free download. software at UpdateStar - iLivid is a software solution for fast and free video downloading. It was originally.

Windows ilivid free download - PDF Reader for Windows 7, Snood For Windows, Viber for Windows, and many more programs.

Is iLivid safe? Please hang on your seat as we break it into digestible bits to help you decide whether iLivid is a scam or Trojan horse you should nuke or preserve.

Article GuidePart 1: Is iLivid Safe? Why Remove iLivid and How to Purge It?Part 2: Remove iLivid Browser Attachments and Programs on WindowsPart 3: Alternatives for iLivid to ConsiderPart 4: Final Thoughts

Ilivid Free Download Mac

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Part 1: Is iLivid Safe? Why Remove iLivid and How to Purge It?

iLivid: Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) and Browser Hijacker

Is iLivid Safe? Probably not! iLivid products like iLivid Download Manager or iLividNewTab are misleading and intrusive. They exploit adverts to infect a computer system and browser.

Once contracted, it will tinker extant browser settings causing the engine to launch on and redirect to unauthorized pages like Cybersecurity specialists report the software bands together with browser attachments like toolbars or extensions without your consent.

The iLivid malware tweaks browser settings such as the home page or default engine obliviously. It makes the internet browser to launch on pages and re-direct to other sites when the user tries to sift through or go to specific URLs with the browser’s address bar. iLivid targets and lures unsuspecting visitors to third party destinations without seeking consent.

The underhand tactics employed by the developer intrude on their privacy and exacerbates complications. The executable file associated with the software is malicious. We recommend the instructions below to uninstall the software and all threads of data associated with it.

How to Purge iLivid?

Mac Cleaner by iMyMac provides an all-in-one program for cleanup and optimization. It comes with a nifty toolkit with a clever mix of features including an uninstaller. It runs like a stink erasing applications like iLivid’s tools leaving no remnants behind. The uninstaller sifts through app data to compile all programs. It includes a search bar on the crest to home in iLivid. It also throws up files or folder with the apps’ DNA.

Ilivid Free Download For Mac

Mac Cleaner’s Uninstaller nukes all the files you choose to delete. Arrange by name or type to hem in specific software for a purge. iLivid installs as a component of a co-bundle and embeds other items in setup. Switch to Uninstaller to run a deep scan and smoke out all the bad guys inextricably intertwined with the stubborn software.

This toolkit allows you to remove every grain of the malware or virus associated with the software. Also, give your computer a spring-cleanup to get rid of unwanted programs or malware and protect your Mac with an extra layer of security. A shipshape computer steers clear of iLivid issues. Mac Cleaner performs performance-boosting procedures for ultra-high-speed processing.

Part 2: Remove iLivid Browser Attachments and Programs on Windows

Google Chrome

  1. Hit the Customize icon (three bars) near the address section and scroll to More tools> Extensions.
  2. Hunt down iLivid extension or other suspicious extensions. Purge them one by one by clicking on the trashcan icon adjacent to each one.
Ilivid Free Download Mac

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Hold down Ctrl+Shift+A.
  2. Go to the Extensions and Plugin search of the iLivid add-on or other infected files to annihilate them if exposed.

Microsoft Internet Explorer

  1. Click on Tools and choose Manage add-ons.
  2. Go to the Toolbars and Extensions search tab of iLivid add-on, hit it, and select the Remove Eliminate other harmful add-ons detected. Sometimes the Remove button may not pop up, you have to remove the parent software via the Control Panel.

Whether you use Windows or Mac, you can use the default uninstaller to delete the program. The downside of manual uninstallation is leftovers. This causes software malfunction issues afterward.

Part 3: Alternatives for iLivid to Consider

Anti-Virus and Malware Removal

An infected executable file like ilivid.exe may cloak the dreaded malware. You can delete the suspicious file to neutralize the software. If you encounter error messages at any juncture when handling iLivid products, examine the file’s activity to determine if its spyware, malware and a potential Trojan horse. Entry-level firewalls, anti-malware, and anti-virus will do the trick. The last thing you want lurking in your system is spyware, adware, trackers, malware, Trojans or keyloggers.

Dedicated VPNs

People who frequent sites such as or Pirate Bay for limitless media consumption grow fond of specialized VPNs. The tools include an ad blocker, anti-malware, and safeguard privacy from intrusive software. Top-of-the-range VPN services throw in an optional kill switch, military-grade encryption and built-in arsenal to detect and close off malicious data. They carve out a bulletproof iLivid haven to feast on your media files before they’ve downloaded completely.

Top iLivid Alternatives

In light of the concerns raised across consumer protectionist platforms online, most users recommend a boycott to punish the unethical behavior. The market swarms with powerful alternatives compatible with Windows or Mac to manage downloads.

You have free options to cross-shop but an all-round video downloader and manager fills the bill. Simply type keywords for YouTube Converters or iLivid alternatives in your browser’s search bar and change tack to a safer method. Many experts share this premise; you should purge it rather than keep it dormant.

Part 4: Final Thoughts

iLivid’s mass uninstallations by users worldwide only points out the red herrings devised by apologists and its masterminds to prevent its collapse. However, the software has advanced features omitted by run-of-the-mill products. Its executable file gobbles up an estimated CPU below `1% and eats up merely 29.37 MB. Hedge your bets by using VPNs or anti-virus to block potential malware.

Note that it launches automatically and bundles extra programs in a setup. Also, remember to use third-party software to remove the vestiges of the software with military precision. Experiment with different options to mop up all traces of data associated with the application as no single method is foolproof.

Do you’ve firsthand experience with this product? Comment below to bring more transparency within our community.

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