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The Jenkins project produces two release lines: Stable (LTS) and regular (Weekly).Depending on your organization's needs, one may be preferred over the other.See the links below for more information and recommendations about the release lines.

Stable (LTS)

On my High Sierra Mac. Java -version gives. Java version '1.8.0172' Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.8.0172-b11) Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM (build 25.172-b11, mixed mode) but in Oracle's documentation and list of downloads I see references to versions that are much higher, notably 9 or even 10. This site requires JavaScript to be enabled. Therefore, the application way to have and get version from all software of episode on MacBook or iMac. Java Latest Version is available for save and free download from our trusted repository. If you have such Java motherboard, you can use the us provided by Realtek. We have removed your download We will lead back to you once we have different it.

Java version 8

Long-Term Support (LTS) release baselines are chosen every 12 weeks from the stream of regular releases.Every 4 weeks we release stable releases which include bug and security fix backports.Learn more…

Changelog Upgrade Guide Past Releases

Regular releases (Weekly)

This release line delivers bug fixes and new features rapidly to users and plugin developers who need them.It is generally delivered on a weekly cadence.Learn more…

Changelog Past Releases

Downloading Jenkins

Jenkins is distributed as WAR files, native packages, installers, and Docker images.Follow these installation steps:

  1. Before downloading, please take a moment to review theHardware and Software requirementssection of the User Handbook.
  2. Select one of the packages below and follow the download instructions.
  3. Once a Jenkins package has been downloaded, proceed to theInstalling Jenkinssection of the User Handbook.
  4. You may also want to verify the package you downloaded.Learn more about verifying Jenkins downloads.
Download Jenkins2.249.3LTS for:
Download Jenkins2.268for:
Java download mac yosemiteNOTE: Packages with thegear icon are maintained by third parties.Such packages may be not as frequently updated as packages supported by the Jenkins project directly.

Deploying Jenkins in public cloud

Many public cloud vendors provide their own Jenkins installation guides and packages.The guides provide instructions to deploy, maintain, and upgrade on the specific public cloud.Such guides may be used to quickly deploy Jenkins and, in many cases,to get an instance preconfigured to be used within the public cloud(e.g. bundled plugins, integrations with public cloud services, etc.).

Java Download Latest Version

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Free Java Download For Mac

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