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With the advent of Karaoke machines in the 1970’s, the term “Karaoke” quickly seeped into pop culture and became the staple source of entertainment at bars, pubs and parties across the world. Back in the day, Karaoke machines used to be bulky and expensive and were normally accompanied by a microphone with rolling lyrics. Not anymore. Nowadays anyone can recreate the same experience in their home for free. But, a decent professional karaoke software is hard to find especially when there are hordes of knock-offs online. So, how does one get a free professional karaoke software to liven up their party? By going through our list of the best free karaoke software for Windows and Mac, of course!

Karaoke app for macbook

Discover a full karaoke experience right from your Mac. KaraFun Mac karaoke software gives you full access to KaraFun online catalog and unique set of features (key and tempo change, individual vocal control, offline synchronization.). Get it right here! Discover a full karaoke experience right from your Mac. KaraFun Mac karaoke software gives you full access to KaraFun online catalog and unique set of features (key and tempo change, individual vocal control, offline synchronization.). Get it right here! The main interface of the app looks like this: Let’s start with the buttons at the bottom right of the program. QUICK OPEN button allows you to browse and import a karaoke song from your MAC in KantoPlayer. If you play it you will see the lyrics in the main screen of the app.

10 of the Best Free Karaoke Software for Windows and Mac in 2020

1) Kanto Karaoke (Windows & Mac)

If your friends are coming over for a fun-filled karaoke night, then Kanto Karaoke is decent program you can rely on. Not only does it support numerous multimedia and video formats spanning both Windows and Mac, Kanto also allows users to record their voice and listen to it later. Yes, it works pretty much on the lines of a DAW in this regard.

Of course, you can revel in super karaoke fare to sing your heart out the entire night and create unlimited playlists, edit audio settings and do playlist and live performance management in a snazzy full-screen mode. Wait there’s more in the offing, Mac users can also play songs in the CD+G player format and convert their device into a professional karaoke unit.

2) KaraFun Player (Windows)

A massively popular karaoke program with a mobile Karaoke app too, KaraFun Player boasts over 22000+ songs with the option of offline syncing so that users can jam all night long and reap its benefits despite limited connectivity. What’s more, KaraFun Player packs in a dual screen display and abundant customizable keys that guarantee a gala time.

But the what really makes it one of the best free Karaoke Software on the market is its feature wherein you can instantly save all your favourite songs. Furthermore, KaraFun Player supports a plethora of karaoke file formats such as KAR, MPEG,MID, or CD+G.

3) iStar (Mac)

Without a doubt one of the best free karaoke software for Mac, iStar calls for starry-eyed sick jams as your friends and loved ones bop to the fine music. For starters, iStar can easily convert and play out almost all types of file formats instantly.

The modus operandi is straightforward: simply compile all the songs into a list after you have imported a karaoke file. Now these songs can be classified and played whenever the need be. So much so, iStar supports various kinds of multimedia files and there are norestrictions on the kind of files you want to import.

4) Aria (Windows & Mac)

Seeking a professional and authentic karaoke sound experience? Look no further than Aria which is great source of producing splendid musical moments with your friends and loved ones. Regarded by many as one of the best free karaoke software for Mac and Windows, Aria sports a simple and intuitive interface where you can compile and arrange all your favourite songs with zero hassle.

Even if you are a newbie, selecting and playing songs becomes a walk in the park. Moreover, for an enhanced karaoke experience users can choose from an array of Aria play modes that guarantee good fun-filled times.

5) Siglos Karaoke Professional (Windows)

Not many karaoke software can claim to be as feature-ridden as Siglos Karaoke Professional. With an easy-to-use interface and advanced functions for making the lyrics look bigger and peppy, Siglos is also fun to use whilst managing or arranging playlists.

For starters, Siglos Karaoke Professional relieves you of the burden of stacking up heaps of old CDs for karaoke. How? Well, it comes with a two screen display where you can simply load all your favourite songs and voila you have set yourself up with a sweet karaoke session!

Without spending a dime on an expensive karaoke machine, Siglos provides you with the ultimate Karaoke experience. It is easily one of the best free Karaoke software for Windows if you are on tight budget.

6) OneKaraoke (Windows)

A very easy-to-manage program for those who are well-versed in basic Windows management skills, OneKaraoke lets you organize hundreds of songs and supports a gamut of audio and video formats such as mp3, kar, mid, WMV, DAT, mpg, Avi, WMA, MOV, et al.

What else makes OneKaraoke the best free Karaoke software for Windows users? For seamless operation, you can also avail features such as keyboards, and numeric keyboards to manually tweak the playlists. Or, if you just want to go mouse-less then operational handheld remotes can also come in handy to use OneKaraoke.

7) Kjams (Mac)

Right off the bat, we were awestruck by Kjams UI which starkly resembles iTunes in many aspects. Mac users will feel at home whilst managing and editing playlists on this beast of a karaoke program. Kjams also offers effortless syncing with iTunes and comes loaded with a decent management tool for controlling and tweaking the pitch/range of your singing voice.

To enjoy a karaoke jam simply stack up your favourite songs to the system and hit the play button. You can also gaze at the lyrics of songs that flash on a duplicate window as you belt out party night stompers. All in all, Kjams makes for an ethereal karaoke experience with a professional setup that’s easy to manage.

8) Just Karaoke 2 (Windows)


True of its name, Just Karaoke 2 is symbolic of Karaoke, karaoke and more karaoke action. If you are planning on throwing a party for your pals with some decent music thrown in for a good measure, Just Karaoke is easily one the best free karaoke software for Windows PC on the market.

The software comes loaded with impressive features such as: a huge library of 70,000+ songs, tons of sound effects, nifty song manager, singer announcement, dual output screen, easy song searches with shuffle, and so much more.

9) Karaoke 5 (Windows and Mac)

Assembling all your favourite songs in single or multiple playlists can often be painful and time consuming. The struggle is real especially when your songs are strewn about the house in multiple file formats. Karaoke 5 makes short work of all such struggles as you can easily store your favourite songs under one one roof for the ultimate karaoke experience.

A robust Windows and Mac karaoke software, Karaoke 5 lets you sing your heart out to your favourite tunes without any glitches. Plus, it also supports all kinds of media file formats so you can just sit back and enjoy the musical extravaganza all night long.

10) QMIDI V.2.0 (Mac)

The last entrant on our list of the best free Karaoke Software, QMIDI V2.0 is an enticing option for Mac users who are looking for a karaoke player that supports multiple file formats. With QMIDI V2.0’s actionable tools at your command, you can edit chords and lyrics of multiple songs that you have loaded onto your Mac with ease and grace.

What’s more, you can synchronize playlists and play your favourite songs in a sequential manner, thus have some amazing karaoke fun on the go.

And…that’s a wrap. Did you like our handpicked list of the best free karaoke software for Mac and Windows? Sound off in the comments.

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If you are looking for the best free karaoke software to play your favorite music and sing them, then this article will help you a lot. Here you will find the top ten best free karaoke program of 2020 for your windows PC and Mac. This software are freeware and help you a lot. So now take the best karaoke software 2020 from this list and getting started the fun.

Top 10 Best Karaoke software for Windows and mac 2020:

#8. Karaoke Player and Manager:

It is a free karaoke player as well as a free karaoke manager software. It is a freeware that manages the filename of your karaoke and plays them as karaoke player. It gives a number to your video files so that you can easily find them using these numbers. This freeware searches video files on your local hard disk drive by typing and listing them. Its awesome search engine helps you easily find song title, artist or number on the list. You can add the song to the playlist by one click and arrange them by numbering.

Platform Availability: Windows 7/ Vista/ XP.

Price: It is completely Free.

#7. OkeOke.net Karaoke:

It is not only a free karaoke software but also a media management program for you. It includes a local database for storing all media information. It is easy to use. This software provides Google style search function that will start searching automatically when you type keywords. It also offers powerful remote control. You can record your personal audio songs apart from playing karaoke on your computer by this freeware. It provides you an awesome way to sing and enjoy your favorite audio songs. It includes various convenient features such as media playback, media file management, recording, and share.

Platform Availability: Windows 7/ Vista/ XP.


Price: It is totally free of cost.

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#6. Sing-Magic Karaoke:

It is a one of the best handy and free karaoke players for your computer. It transforms your computer like a karaoke playing device. It allows you to modify the speed and pitch of the song to adjust your voice. It includes a melody guide that helps you in singing. It is a very simple application. It also helps you to change anything that you see on the screen. It allows you to customize the font styles and background through its settings. Its color makes it visually appealing to your taste.

Platform Availability: Windows 7/ Vista/ XP.

Price: Free. You can also get its full features at $49.99.

#5. VanBasco’s Karaoke Player:

It is totally a free of cost karaoke player software for you that provides you a lot of functionalities. You can play karaoke and midi files on this software. It is full of lots of features. It offers fully customizable karaoke window. It displays the lyrics in a resizable window or full screen. It lets you change tempo, volume and key of songs. It also displays notes on a big piano keyboard. Its provides an easy to use graphical user interface that supports multiple languages and skins. It also includes real time MIDI output window.

Platform Availability: Windows 7/ Vista/ XP.

Free Karaoke App For Macbook

Price: It is totally free of cost.

#4. Winlive 5 free:

It is a free karaoke player for Midi, Kar, MP3 and CDG. This program lets you manage real time playback. You can also be able to check the progress of a file, next reservation, start and stop, change the tempo, tone as well as mute midi instruments in real time. It includes various convenient features such as immediate management of audio file, Extensive customization of the screen karaoke, midi and CDG karaoke, powerful and functional interface with shortcut keys, Function changing tone for background tracks and CDG and many more.

Platform Availability: Windows 10/ 8/ 7/ Vista/ XP.

Price: Free. You can also buy the home version at$49 and the pro version at $199.


#3. Karaoke Builder Player:

It is a fast and free program to play your MP3+G and CD+G files. It displays lyrics in time with the music and changes colour as the play of songs. It can play the ZIP files directly. It lets you change the speed of the playback and change the key of the song. It allows you to controls balance and volume. You can adjust its settings easily. For the ultimate playback control, it offers track slider. It also provides a totally resizable stretchy window, full screen mode, CD+G functions support with color fading and scrolling and so more convenient features.

Platform Availability: Windows 10/ 8/ 7/ Vista/ XP.

Price: It is completely free.

#2. Karaoke 5:


It is a free karaoke application for your computer. This freeware program allows you to play karaoke audio songs on your computer. This application offers you an awesome option to practice and enjoy your singing. It is versatile and very effective software. It allows you to immediately deploy the karaoke at your needed moment and through its settings you can mix and synchronize the songs easily at the same time. It is a MIDI, KAR, MP3, KFN, MP3+CDG, WMA, CD+G, WMA+CDG, Virtual Score and Video files reader. It provides many professional features those are not available in other freeware programs.

Platform Availability: Windows 10/ 8/ 7/ Vista/ XP. Mac OS.

Price: Free. You can also buy the pro version at $155 and the home version $33.

#1. Karafun Player:

Karafun Player is one of the best and top rated karaoke software for your computer. It is not only a karaoke player but also a karaoke editor. This freeware program helps you a lot to make and play your own and favorite karaoke music in the full comfort of your home. It gives you an easy to use and well designed interface which helps you a lot. This free application allows you to make your own karaoke songs from audio files and midi music. You can play a large number of karaoke file formats like KOK, LRC, KAR, CDG and KFN.

Platform Availability: Windows 10/ 8/ 7/ XP, Mac OS.

Price: Free. You can also get the monthly subscription at $9.99.

11. Walaoke

Free Karaoke App For Pc

Walaoke is a free Karaoke software for your computer. You can turn your computer into a karaoke machine with this program. This karaoke program supports almost all types of audio and video file format. It can highlight song lyrics. you can add many effect with this software.

Karaoke Programs For Mac

Those top 10 karaoke Program of 2020 is best for creating karaoke track, singing karaoke track and record them. What do you think about those Best free karaoke software? Make a comment here and enjoy those great software! if you know any types of new karaoke software then please make a comment, we will add this karaoke program soon. Now its time for you to chose any best free karaoke software 2019 and start singing karaoke track and enjoy a lot!