Palm Centro Sync Download Macbook Air

Install apps and sync calendars, contacts, email, memos, and tasks between your Palm device and desktop PC. Windows 7/8/10 users will need to install Aceeca USB drivers to perform HotSync over USB. (HotSync over Bluetooth is also possible on compatible devices.) If some data is not syncing bet. Palm already released a related app, called the Palm Music Assistant for both PC and Mac, and enables iTunes “reverse sync.” In other words, any music purchased via the Pre’s standard Amazon. Select the Sync tab, and then select Palm Device from the drop-down list. Select Start Sync. Your device must be connected to your computer using the sync cable. Page 78 To transfer music files from your Mac to your Centro device, do the following: Drag and drop the music files onto the Send To Handheld droplet in the Palm folder. Select the Sync tab, and then select Palm Device from the drop-down list. Select Start Sync. Your device must be connected to your computer using the sync cable. Page 78 To transfer music files from your Mac to your Centro device, do the following: Drag and drop the music files onto the Send To Handheld droplet in the Palm folder.

  1. Palm Centro Sync Download Macbook Air 13.3
  2. Palm Centro Sync Download Macbook Air Keyboard Cover
  3. Palm Centro Sync Download Macbook Air Pro

Phone doesn't turn on

Consult this section if you are unable to receive any power to your phone.


The phone will not be able to power up if the battery is not present and installed properly. Check that the battery is not missing.

Be sure to establish a proper connection between the battery and the phone by clearing any debris between the two.

Connect the charger to a power source and connect the cell phone to the charger. Wait a few seconds, then press and hold the power button.

If the phone only works while connected to the power adapter, a new battery might be needed.

Power adapter

If your battery doesn't charge or doesn't hold a charge, and the battery is not dead, the power adapter might be the problem.

Ensure that the power adapter is functioning by trying it with an additional cell phone of the same model.

Broken charging port

If the correct power adapter is being used and a functioning battery is properly installed, ensure the charging port is stable. Plug in the charger and check if the connection between the charger and the cell phone is loose.

Water Damage

If your cell phone as recently encountered a water source (you accidentally washed it along with your clothes, dropped in the toilet, etc), you can check to see if the water reached the interior of the phone, causing the electronics to short.

Remove the battery of your phone. On the side of the Centro, over the SIM card there is a white circle. It turns pink in the presence of water.

NOTE: Even if you Centro functions just fine, and that circle is pink, you no longer qualify for the warranty.

Internal Speaker Not Working

Consult this section if you are not hearing anything from your internal speaker.

Power Off/Power On

First try turning the power off, and powering the phone back up after a few moments.

Soft Reset

Remove the battery while the phone is still on if the problem persists, wait a few minutes and replace the battery. Turn the phone back on and check to see if the speaker is working.

Hard Reset

This should only be done after a soft reset has been attempted.

To perform a hard reset:

Remove the battery cover

Press and hold the Power (on/off) button.

While holding the Power button, that the battery out and put it back in. If you see a progress bar, keep holding the Power button.

The Palm Powered screen will appear and you should release the Power button when you see it.

Finally there will be a screen asking if you would like to erase all data. Select 'Yes' by pressing UP on your 5-way navigator to complete the hard reset.

Headset Jack is Stuck

If the internal speaker and/or internal microphone stopped working after using a plug-in headset, the headset jack may be stuck. This may trick the phone into believing that a headset is still inserted, and therefore it disables the internal speaker & mic and sometimes even the ringer. If your ringer is not making any noise, try putting the phone into vibrate mode.

Spray a small amount of Contact Cleaner (for electrical contacts) in the headset jack and work a headset plug or pipe cleaner in and out of the jack a few times. Do not apply excessive force. Gently is better. Test the mic & speaker using a audio recording app (such as Camcorder) and stop fixing when it works. If your headset jack is causing problems, consider getting a Bluetooth headset.

Internal Mic is not working

See Headset Jack is Stuck section of Internal Speaker Not Working in this Troubleshooting article.

Keypad is not working

Consult this section if your keypad is locked/frozen.

Disable Keyguard Feature

When the screen is off, press the red power button to wake up the screen. Press the center (Palm) button to turn off Keyguard.

Hotsync Troubleshooting

Consult this section if you are having trouble with the Hotsync application

Please note: Palm's synchronization software, Palm Desktop 6.2, was designed for 32-bit versions of Windows XP and Windows Vista. Palm has not done thorough testing with the broad range of third-party equipment running Windows 7 and therefore can't provide assurances about compatibility. Also these steps will work ONLY with the HotSync software provided by Palm.

Hotsync window does not open on the desktop PC when Hotsync button on Palm devices cable/cradle is pressed

(your desktop computer doesn't respond; you may see an alert message) Perform each of the steps below, in order. After each step, try to sync. If it works, you've solved the problem and don't need to try the next step.

Make sure Hotsync Manager Application is turned on

Update Synch software

Download latest Palm software

Download latest version of Microsoft Outlook 2007

Perform a soft reset

Remove the USB HotSync cable, and connect it again. Do the same with the other end that connects to your computer. Don't try to sync until the device is fully connected.

Check for lint or other particles on the HotSync connector on your Palm device. Blow on the connector (or use canned air) to remove the debris.

Inspect your cables and points of contact

Hotsync operation does not complete successfully

After each step, attempt another HotSync operation. If the HotSync succeeds, you have resolved the problem and do not need to try the next step..

Does the Windows New Hardware Wizard as you to locate the driver? If so, try to manually locate the driver.

Check the HotSync log for synchronization errors and other useful diagnostics

Get the most recent Palm desktop

Delete your device’s user name and choose a new user name when you conduct the next

Hotsync operation completes successfully but data can not be found on computer

Data does not appear

The HotSync software synchronizes only these Outlook folders: Calendar, Contacts, Notes, Tasks and Inbox. Check to make sure these are the subfolders you are using for Outlook.

Since you can’t directly synchronize Contacts to a shared/”global” Microsoft Exchange address book this can cause the data to “disappear”. To get around this you must add the contacts to your personal Contacts folder, and then synchronize. In the Outlook Address Book (not the Contacts folder), right-click on the item you want to add, and choose Add to personal Address book.

You may have entered data under one user name but synchronized to a different user name. User names are case-sensitive.

If you use Microsoft Outlook, you may encounter problems after a hard reset .

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Palm, Inc. has just released the final English version of Palm Desktop 4.0 for Mac. It offers native Mac OS X support, improved handheld-to-desktop synchronization, an OS X Dock menu item, and vCard and vCal support. A beta version of this has been available since the beginning of this year. It is free.

After installing the new Palm Desktop, users will need to upgrade their third-party conduits in order to synchronize with the new desktop software. While some of these are available, many are not. Companies currently working on support for this version include Blue Nomad, DataViz, FileMaker, Handmark, LandWare, MeetingMaker, MGI PhotoSuite, Microsoft Entourage, and SplashData.

It has primarily been designed for Palm's own handhelds but it works with the Handspring Visor and the Sony Clié. Of course, it lacks some of the conduits that ship with Sony's Windows version of the Palm Desktop.

It allows OS X users to simply drag Address Book items or Date Book items to the desktop to create vCard and vCal files.

It works with Mac OS X (version 10.1.2 or higher) or Mac OS 9.x.

International versions, including French, German, Italian, Spanish and Japanese, are still in beta but can be downloaded. Final versions of these are scheduled for availability in the late spring.

Thanks to the numerous people who pointed this out. -Ed

Related Information:

  • Visor Central: Several Mac OS X conduits available
  • PIC: Beta of Palm Desktop 4.0 for Mac OS X Available
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I pointed this out in the article but I wanted to make sure people saw this very useful list of the status of conduits for this new Desktop that Visor Central put together earlier this month.
News Editor



At last!

The installer does something pretty strange and insists on removing all prior versions. I have multiple partitions with old Palm backup folders and it went through each drive and removed the old version. You have no option of just removing it from your main drive and continuing. It then ignored my current user folder on my bootup drive (there's only 1 Palm folder on this drive) and went to a different partition to import some old information. Oh well, at least it's here for OS X now and people can make the final transition.

conduits on OS9?

Color me stupid, but will conduits work with this on OS9? I'm not clear if the conduits that currently aren't compatible aren't compatible with running this on OSX, or if they're not compatible with the final release whatsoever.
I'm a little frustrated with the iffiness of the beta, and want to upgrade, but not at the cost of losing the syncability of all my SplashData information.
PIC Moderator: Software forum
'Well, if it isn't the leader of the wiener patrol, boning up on his nerd lessons'
RE: conduits on OS9?
If you're referring to using OS9 condiuts with the OSX Palm Desktop, no, it won't work that way. If you're running X, you either have to reboot into OS 9, run the OS 9 Palm Desktop in Classic mode (which doesn't guarantee your conduit will work right), or wait for an OS X version of the conduit.
RE: conduits on OS9?
Actually, I was referring to conduits on OS9 that I used with the beta, that I'm still using on OS9.
Anyway, I answered my own question. I installed the release version and everything that synced before still syncs. Even applications that never stated they worked with v4.0, like StockManager.
SplashID and SplashMoney conduits still work, but SplashShopper does not (and never has, so that's no different for me).
PIC Moderator: Software forum
'Well, if it isn't the leader of the wiener patrol, boning up on his nerd lessons'
RE: conduits on OS9?
I am also having problems with conduits--Most don't seem to work. I am OS 9.2.2 and Desktop 4.0

I'm having problems with OS 9 and 4.0 and CLIE

I installed the 4.0 desktop on OS9. It is supposed to work. It does work for my i705, but I am having problems using my CLIE.Palm

Do I still need to use Markspace?

Any luck anybody?

RE: I'm having problems with OS 9 and 4.0 and CLIE
I had no success either - N610.

I've heard tales of this working - I'm using OS 9.2 - haven't even bothered trying with OS 10.x.x - IMO, there's no point - if it don't work in 9 (where I do most of my work) I ain't using it....

I've already reverted back to v2.6.3 -

Additionally, why would anyone use the new version if they also make use of applications that haven't updated their conduits?

In other words - this new version completely removes the syncing capabilities of wordsmith, avantgo, and a few other keys apps we rely on to sync-

I know some of these companies have betas out there, but fuggedaboutit -

i'll wait till all my conduits are ready before i'll upgrade.

RE: I'm having problems with OS 9 and 4.0 and CLIE
Works great with my Sony Clie T615!
RE: I'm having problems with OS 9 and 4.0 and CLIE
My T615 works great. Seems to sync faster on my ibook then my XP desktop.

RE: I'm having problems with OS 9 and 4.0 and CLIE
Doesn't work with my N610. Tries to reinstall Missing Sync and got a strange message - 'Palm Desktop 2.6.3 [or later] needs to be installed'. 'Or later' certainly is!
At least it isn't just me.
RE: I'm having problems with OS 9 and 4.0 and CLIE
Will NOT work with my N760C under either OS 9.22 or OSX 10.13.

Instant Palm Desktop?

Overall, the final version of 4.0 does seem improved over the beta. For instance, the sync starts up faster and the backup conduit only backs up things that have changed since the last back-up (the last beta backed up *everything* every time!).

BUT... I still can't figure out what's up with the Instant Palm Desktop!

The Instant Desktop menu only works in the dock if my application is already running (I've put the application icon in the dock manually so it's always available there). If the app isn't running, the dock icon only offers to 'show in finder.'

The help with the new desktop app implies that the menu should appear even if the app isn't running.

Anyone get this to work the way it should? It just doesn't make sense to me that it would only be available when the application is already running... I mean, what's the point!


RE: Instant Palm Desktop?
You have to go to preferences and enable the background application; which gets added to you login startup items.
RE: Instant Palm Desktop?
If you download the 'Palm Desktop 4.0 Handbook.pdf' file that is available from the same page as the desktop software, you'll find the following on page 161:

Palm Centro Sync Download Macbook Air 13.3

'NOTE In Mac OS X, the Instant Palm Desktop menu is only available when Palm Desktop is currently running or hidden. In Mac OS 9, the Instant Palm Desktop menu is also available when Palm Desktop is not running.'

That background app may just be for either synching or for displaying alarms while the main application isn't running.

RE: Instant Palm Desktop?
That kind of sucks. Actually, it sucks allot.
RE: Instant Palm Desktop?
Actually, it doesn't suck too bad. If I remember all of this correctly, OS X is very good about memory use, and will 'page out' the program to virtual memory (hard disk) if it hasn't been used recently. OS X expects you to leave applications open, and just switch to them when you want them. Set the software to Autostartup and don't think about it again.
RE: Instant Palm Desktop?
Dude, you're full of s--t. This sucks MAJORLY, especially since the application's Help file SPECIFICALLY contradicts this and indicates that the Instant Palm Desktop menu is a separate application that can run in the Dock independently of the actual Palm Desktop app. This is clearly an outright lie, plain and simple. Don't be taking Palm's side here when they flat-out lie to their customers.

Still broken for NFS users

At my office (Apple), we use NFS based home directories and the OSX version of the Palm desktop doesn't validate permissions properly. This means that you can't HotSynch unless you are using a local log-in account.

A number of us reported the problem the day after the beta was released, but Palm didn't fix it.

This is just really sloppy programming.

RE: Still broken for NFS users
Could it be any sloppier than Netscape for the Mac?

And my Word X keeps crashing, and crashing, and crashing...

Three cheers for Entourage, though. I don't even think about Palm Desktop anymore.

Doh, Word crashed again.

Waste of time

Another fatal mistake for Palm. Making these stupid desktop programs, while they should only be focusing on improving their handhelds for windows.
Stupid, stupid, stupid.
RE: Waste of time
RE: '...they should only be focusing on improving their handhelds for windows'.

Palm Centro Sync Download Macbook Air Keyboard Cover

Echhh, what is your problem? Macs and Palm make a great combination!

RE: Waste of time
didnT you hear, Microsoft might be forced to stop producing Windoze? [or at least XP..]
RE: Waste of time
> they should only be focusing on improving their handhelds for windows.

Ugh ... no. I'm looking forward to improved OS X support so I can dump Windoze and get an OS X Mac. I've been waiting for Microsoft Office on a Unix platform for years so I could dump Microsoft's crappy operating systems, good Palm support on the Mac is the last step.

RE: Waste of time
microsoft office IS already ported to OSX...and it works flawlessly :)
Step away from the Dark-Side, the mac-community awaits you with open arms.
[and the new Palm desktop for osX is top-notch too...ahem, so far so good]
RE: Waste of time
Sily mistake of your parents to bring you up when they should have focused all their attention to your smarter brothers and sisters. Stupid stupid stupid
RE: Waste of time
Just ignore the troll. He was only trying to get your goat.

iPod also becoming iPDA

Apple put the Contacts thing right into the iPod now, straight from Palm Desktop you can put your contacts onto your pod. Frankly, they look cooler and better on there anyway. Three cheers for Apple!
RE: iPod also becoming iPDA

Palm Centro Sync Download Macbook Air Pro

Yeah, I just did that this morning. Very cool. Drag contacts out of Palm Desktop and they are converted to vCards when saved, which the 1.1 iPod firmware uses for Contacts. This way, if I leave the Palm at home I can still look up phone numbers... nice. Now if only I could work some folder synchronization in there!

FYI, I *really* don't understand why Palm isn't adding sync support for Address, and especially why there isn't a Mail conduit to connect to!!!
That's a no-brainer if I ever saw one...

RE: iPod also becoming iPDA
> especially why there isn't a Mail conduit to connect to!!!
Maybe it should be Apple's job to write that conduit; or this might be an opportunity for a third-party.

When is Palm going to sort this out?

I'm trying to get Desktop final to worked great first time, but now reports that 'Palm Desktop Background' is busy and quits the Hotsync...

Any ideas?

Palm, pull your ****ing finger out and get this working properly!! :<

I'm fed up with them just doing what they need to get by to support Mac users - and then not even getting that right. I've already wasted time fixing my SUDS issue and now I've got to re-install my machine again to try and get my 505 talking to my Mac.

To say I'm irate would be an understatement!!!!!


RE: When is Palm going to sort this out?
Not positive it will help you, but I had to delete the beta of the software. After that, I reinstalled and all was well...

Good luck.

post problems with clie and OS X

is there a list or can someone start a list of what clies work with mac os X that includes details of what model they have, and what exactly works and doesnt work, especially since the final version for palm software jjust came out. I have a tibook 667 combo and a clie N710c. I did a self upgrade of the OS to 4.1. I have heard that n760c works with OS X, but why does mine not work? I thought the only difference between the N710c and N760c was the OS(which I have the same OS as the N760c now also).
Syncing: I can sync via IRDA, but if I put files to be installed on the next hotsync, the sync will fail without the files getting installed. So, in essence, the irda isn't fully working for me. With USB, which I really need, I cant sync at all. When I press the hotsync button, nothing happens, except the hard drive makes a spinning sound. if you do a 'lsof' from the terminal when pressing the the hotsync button, you can see that the USB cradle has a socket open with the OS , but nothing happens. I guess it isn't recognizing the clie properly or something. Also, I cannot get the memory sticks to mount from my clie for transferring music ans such. Fortunately I also have a sony digital camera and dv camcorder. For now, I just pull my memory stick out from my clie and put it in the camera and then attach it to my laptop, and it will mount as a drive on my desktop. I think that if I can mount the memory stick via my camera, someone or I could probably just mess around inside the OS with the drivers and get this mounting issue working from the clie itself. I am in taiwan now and the bluetooth module in japan just came out a couple of days ago, so I suppose that might be an option for syncing, but I would really like to have a fast USB hotsync. (I have not done a normal hotsync in almost a year). Please post your replies to this thread or email to me at [email protected] . I will try to put a page together about all problems/features with clies and mac os x. I don't think there are too many os x clie users though. I am also looking into writing a plugin for itunes that will let you use your clie like the ipod. Thanks.
btw, to me the final palm desktop doesnt seem to work very well at all for me. It seems like beta software still. What are your thoughts?
RE: post problems with clie and OS X
same 710 upgraded to 4.1 no hot sync... any info from mark space? why would the t615 work and not 710w 4.1?
RE: post problems with clie and OS X
Consider ; although the main page is somewhat out of date, the discussion boards seem active.
RE: post problems with clie and OS X
The Clie-Mac forums on are also pretty active.
the mail I got from Mark/Space
Objet : Rép : about the new SONY CLIEs (NR70/NR70V)

Latest version of Missing Sync is 2.2, which is still
According to the programmer I talk to, however, 2.2.1 is
indeed scheduled to make it out by the end of the week.
(OS9 support) OS X support will be done in version 3.0, due out in late April.

Mark/Space Customer Support

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