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Portal Lunar Source Files Mar 31 2020 Portal 2: Lunar Demo 18 comments. Source files of Portal lunar, which includes all maps, models, vmfs and more. You can test all of this if you wish, feel free to use any of the content. Portal 2 PC Game free. download full – Seri kedua dari game portal, sebuah game unik yang menggabungkan 2 genre, FPS dan Puzzle, dengan tampilan 3D game ini cukup menghibur dan seru untuk dimainkan di PC maupun Laptop. Download Portal 2 PC Game, Yang tadi kita sudah membagikan link download untuk game ringan fps puzzle seru yaitu Portal 1 PC Download, Kali ini Mimin akan. Download Portal. First-person unique shooter game with dual portal traveling ability. Addeddate 2016-07-09 01:13:30 Emulator apple2ee Emulatorext dsk Identifier portal-3 Mameperipheralflop1 00DualBootHelperqkumba.dsk Mameperipheralflop2.

Beautifully rendered odd-ball puzzle game with incredible physics engine

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Once you start thinking with portals, you'll never go back. Portal is unlike any other game you'll ever have played or ever will play. At its core is a very simple idea in which you are given a portal gun which fires blue and orange portals. They connect to each other, so if you walk through the orange hole, you exit through the blue hole. It all sounds simple enough until you realise you can use it to escape from seemingly locked rooms and to jump incredible distances.


You open your eyes in a post-apocalyptic world trapped in a room, armed only with a portal gun and the voice of an incredibly sarcastic robot who is still running the scientific test centre in which you find yourself. Once you escape from the room, you enter a series of test chambers, where you need to manipulate switches, buttons and lasers to complete each stage. Expect to be insulted and mocked by the computer voice as you proceed, and watch out for times when you go 'off piste' as this helps you to develop the story line and work your way to a wonderfully unexpected finale.


The key to Portal is to fully investigate each level before you start firing portals around. Fortunately, the game auto-saves and you get an infinite amount of lives, but it can be frustrating to fall in the toxic water or get shot by a turret 20 minutes into a level. All walls that be used for portals are white, and often the layout of the walls will give you a clue about how to proceed. The other main strategy as you get further through the game is to use falling from great height into portals as a way of gaining momentum for massive jumps.


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  • Beautiful graphics
  • Funny storyline and characters
  • Novel concept for a puzzle game
Portal 2 free download mega


  • You're on rails so no exploration
  • No multi-player function
  • Not much replay value once you've completed the game

The first Portal game stirred up mass hysteria, so it should come as no surprise how Portal 2 had a wild fan following whoheld their breath to solve some mind-bending physics puzzles. In the original title, we played in a clinical and pristine science laboratory, but Portal 2 brings us to a different setting. Instead, the laboratory fell into disrepair because the story takes place hundreds of years into the future. Chell, the heroine, awakens in the old research facility to find it dilapidated and in disrepair. Suddenly, a robot personality sphere talks with Chell to assist her. They wake up GLaDOS, an old archnemisis, who is downright furious to see Chell. As a result, Chell must pass through a series of life-or-death tests.

Whether you play from the PC or the Mac, the game looks fantastic, and you have rich and in-depth environments. Portal 2's puzzles stimulate the mind, and you have a number of tools and traps. Nevertheless, Portal 2 expanded the story, and they increased the length. This makes it unlikely Portal 2 will give you the same iconic twists and turns, but the single player campaign ensures you have a fantastic run. Even after you finish, you can also play through two player cooperative tests where you will play as two animated robots.

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Portal 2 showcases menacing humor, mind-bending puzzles and non-stop action. The first Portal threw in lots of twists and turns to keep the element of surprise. The first game was short but succinct in what it played, which is what made it so popular. Even in Portal 2, when you haven't wrinkled your face to express thinking, expect a lot of laughter. The clever writing complements the action onscreen almost perfectly, and the attention to detail throughout is nothing short of astounding.

As you progress through the levels of Portal 2, you will move beyond your tight fitting test chambers to a ginormous underground chasm. Portal's core appeal never existed in the visuals of the game. Instead, what's most impressive is the mileage you get from this technology. Portal 2 prioritizes the character development and the story. You spend a great deal of time conducting spatial reasoning or solving difficult puzzles. The game also expands upon the number of fun toys found in the first title. For example, you have a gun that lets you shoot two linked portals, and the objects can pass and the momentum will be maintained. The puzzles can start to get complicated, but no matter how complicated they may seem, almost always the solutions will have a more practical answer. In some cases, you can solve it instantly, and other cases will take longer.


  • Complex and interesting puzzle designs
  • The writing and story keeps you immersed
  • Rich and varied environments
  • Cooperative mode extends the story


  • The game feels too short
  • No opening for competitive gameplay
  • The second act could use more direction between the stages