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Silent Hill 3 takes place 17 years after the events of the previous episodes and aims to continue to story, by making Heather Mason the main protagonist. As you might recall, Harry Manson was the original character of the series and he adopted Heather after he defeated the cult god that caused all the horror.

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  • DESCRIPTION OF SILENT HILL 3. Silent Hill 3 is an action game (survival horror) released in 2003 by Konami. The game was released for PC (Windows) and the PlayStation 2. In the game, you play as a teenager named Heather. One beautiful day, our heroine went shopping and suddenly she was trapped in a strange, terrifying place - the amazing town.
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Silent hill 3 mac

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Back in 1999, Konami unleashed Silent Hill, its initial entry into the survival horror genre. however instead of ape the shock-based thrills popularized by Capcom’s Resident Evil series, Konami went for a darker, creepier feel in everything from the game’s environments, to the monsters, to the story itself.

The ensuing game offered its own justifiable share of shocks, additionally as some genuinely fearful, emotional, and distressing moments. What began as a game with one thing of a cult following has ballooned into a robust franchise, giving the new Silent Hill three some massive shoes to fill.

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Silent Hill three could be a survival horror computer game developed by Team Silent, a production cluster among Konami laptop amusement capital of Japan, and revealed by Konami for the PlayStation a pair of. Silent Hill three could be a survival-horror computer game during which the player takes management of Heather, an adolescent United Nations agency awakens from a nightmare in an exceedingly store and tries to come home to her father, whereas navigating environments that oscillate between reality and also the Otherworld, a bloodier, supernatural version of it. Gameplay in Silent Hill three resembles closely that of its 2 predecessors, with gameplay set within the third-person read and divided among parts of combat, exploration, and puzzle-solving.

Silent Hill three has been developed and revealed by Konami laptop for Microsoft Windows and was free on twenty third might 2003. it’s the third version of Silent Hill game.

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Silent Hill three game could be a fictional game serious by Konami. the most character during this game is Heather United Nations agency is that the could be a lady, United Nations agency was adopted by Harry. She is on a mission to form the planet a heavenly place to measure. Claudia Wolf is that the guy United Nations agency plays the role of a dangerous enemy and uses his evils power to distroy this world. This game has alot of drama, suspense, flip and twists, journey and horror. You sure as shooting ar gonna get pleasure from enjoying it. the sport starts once Heather wakes up in an exceedingly mall and needs to face the challenge to fight Stephen Arnold Douglas United Nations agency is aware of her all right. Its additional deadly dangerous to fight AN enemy United Nations agency is aware of your weakness and your strength.

If you’ve vie Silent Hill and Silent Hill a pair of than you will additionally notice its the additional advanced version of the previous a pair of Episodes with additional customization, additional options, additional powers, improved graphics, improved sound effects, and additional complexed tasks assigned . This game has been designed in three main tasks you’ll have to be compelled to combat, solve the puzzle, and explore things. you’ve got to be sensible to play this game, a small negligence will value you alot.

This game has additional to supply, you’ll have to be compelled to prove yourself a real soul if need to come back victorious. you’ve got fiddle with a number of the foremost advanced weapons to distroy your enemies. the sport becomes tougher and tougher as you progress. There ar several armours and costumes which may solely be used once you’ve got resolved the puzzle you’re given. The Graphics employed in this game is not like in anyother game.

Silent Hill 3 Download System Requirements

Minimum Requirements

  • OS: Windows 98/Me/2000/XP
  • Processor:1 GHz Pentium III or AMD Athlon
  • RAM: 256MB RAM
  • Graphics: GeForce 3Ti/Radeon8500 (VRAM32MB)
  • Storage: 4.7GB

Recommended Requirements

  • OS: Windows 98/Me/2000/XP
  • Processor:1 GHz Pentium III or AMD Athlon
  • RAM: 256MB RAM
  • Graphics: GeForce 3Ti/Radeon8500 (VRAM32MB)
  • Storage: 4.7GB

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4. Let it be download.
5. Open It & enjoy your game.

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Dreary American shopping malls are ungodly hellholes at the best of times. Coffee shops full of people acting like they’re in Friends, faceless fastfood joints, the words 'have a nice day’ ringing in your ears. So when Silent Hill 3 takes this frightening scenario and throws in hideous gibbering demons, wall-to-wall blood and grime, and a nightmarish caterwauling din piping through the Tannoy, you can imagine it’s not pretty.

But such twisting of familiar situations into grotesque parodies of their earthly selves will be nothing new to fans of the Silent Hill series, quite probably the most gloriously deranged of all survival horror games. And this latest offering, migrating over from the PS2, will not disappoint in the 'that sure is some crazy shit’ stakes. But, somewhat disappointingly, neither will it surprise with its near-identical gameplay and slightly uninspired approach to puzzle solving.

My Bony Heather

This time out the lead character is Heather, an everyday skinny teenage girl in obligatory short skirt and high boots (this is a Japanese game, after all). After waking up from an horrendous nightmare, a man harasses her in the local mall. She takes refuge in the toilets, but when she emerges Heather finds the mall has turned into a trans-dimensional vision of hell, populated by a menagerie of bizarre mutants. Things happen that way in Silent Hill.

Gameplay remains unchanged. Much wandering and map reading typically leads to a puzzle or a locked door barring your way. Finding the items necessary is a matter of walking up to anything that looks unusual and hitting action to search it. Of course, all of this is done under the watchful glare of a host of creatures - both lesser minions and boss monsters - that have to be shot, stabbed and beaten into a bloody pulp if you are to survive.

Where The Hill...?

Helping Heather make sense of her new surroundings is best done with a GamePad, mimicking the original console game control method. A mouse and keyboard combo is clumsy, nigh-on ruining the gameplay. But even with a pad. the controls are hardly a joy as the 'rotate and move’ system is about as innovative these days as Tupperware. This system is well in need of an overhaul and lends the game a slightly antiquated feel.

Despite such misgivings, you still soon find yourself drawn into SH3's particularly unnerving world, largely because of its uniquely disquieting atmosphere. From the freaky fairground of Heather's nightmare to the dilapidated tenement blocks of Silent Hill itself, the mood of impending doom seldom relents. The locations are uniformly grim. Heather’s feeble pocket torch struggles to strip away the inky blackness, out of which a new. more hideous assailant might stumble at any minute. Creative use of camera angles, subtle perversions of everyday sights and a nervegrinding score all contribute to the impression that what you’re playing is the brain-child of David Lynch and George A. Romero.

Silent Hill 3 Mac

Destroy All Monsters!

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A hallmark of the Silent Hill series are some of the most disgusting and bizarre aberrations of nature that ever wore the title of 'monsters’. And SH3 doesn’t disappoint. Oh no. All kinds of fleshy appendages protrude from grossly misshapen hides. Slavering, jabbering, chattering fiend after fiend lumbers from the shadows, yet another incredible distortion of nature to test your credulity. And as you apply your boot to their brains and they lie twitching on the floor, you'll feel not a jot of remorse - these things don't deserve to live, dammit!

Combat in Silent Hill games has never been a matter of finesse. One button is used to mindlessly smash your enemy with whatever implement comes to Heather’s hand, be it a steel pipe or the incongruous medieval spiked mace, as well as to fire the odd gun you get your hands on. This simplicity was never an issue in previous games where encounters were infrequent and their crude brutality suited the everyday feel of the characters. But here the designers have increased the incidence of the scraps, putting a strain on your patience with the repetitive dust-ups.

Saw Point

All of which is exacerbated by the ill health in which we find the game's puzzles. Survival horror games traditionally thrive on fiendish problem solving, forcing the player to pierce through a fog of adrenaline and fear to defeat the conundrums that bar his path. But here the answers to your problems fall into place as easily as a jigsaw marked 'for ages three and up'. Typically, the object needed to complete any given brain-teaser will be handed to you on a plate a few rooms previous, and all you need do is shuffle up to the puzzle in question and click to make things happen.

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So in one sense SH3 is another fine slice of demented survival horror. But in another it's an unambitious update that retains the core features of the franchise without stamping its own mark on the series. We loved Silent Hill 2, despite its obvious console roots and gameplay limitations. But what's really scary is that if the next installment doesn't show a lot more innovation, its review scores will likely be truly horrifying.

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A New Hill Of Beans?

So What’s Changed Since The Console Version? Not A Hill Of A Lot

Silent Hill 3 is essentially the same as its console prototype. In fact there are only two real differences for this PC outing. One: the high-res graphics put anything the PS2 can produce to shame - provided you have a decent graphics card. Two: you can now save anywhere, rather than at specific save points. An improvement? Very much a moot point in our book, with trigger-happy quick-savers losing that sense of nerve-jangling tension console players get when health runs low. There’s no multiplayer, there’s little replay value - we’d like to see a little more in our console conversions. But that’s just us.