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SSH Terminal Emulator for Mac

SecureCRT® provides Mac users remote access and terminal emulation capabilities with the added benefits of SSH data security.

Extensive Terminal Emulation & Secure Remote Access

Trusted Windows (PC) download SSH Secure Shell 3.2.9. Virus-free and 100% clean download. Get SSH Secure Shell alternative downloads. SecureCRT client for Windows, Mac, and Linux combines rock-solid terminal emulation with the strong encryption, broad range of authentication options, and data integrity of the SSH (Secure Shell) protocol for secure network administration and end user access.

SecureCRT supports a wide array of terminal emulations from a Mac workstation:

  • VT100, VT102, VT220
  • Wyse 50/60
  • Xterm
  • ANSI
  • Linux console

Support for Secure Shell protocols (SSH1 and SSH2) mean that authorized users can remotely access systems from a Mac without compromising data or network security.

Ssh secure shell mac

Efficiency-Boosting Features

SecureCRT for Mac is a feature-rich SSH client. SecureCRT gives Mac users the tools they need to:

  • Customize, organize, and manage up to 5,000 sessions
  • Securely transfer files
  • Streamline repetitive tasks

SecureCRT supports Python, allowing Mac users to create scripts to automate repetitive tasks.

Secure Shell File Transfer Download

See SecureCRT Features for a full list of tools and capabilities.

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SecureCRT is an ideal SSH client for your entire organization. Support for Mac and other popular platforms and terminal emulations decreases compatibility issues. Open standard Secure Shell protocols provide a high level of data security. Download SecureCRT for a free 30-day evaluation.

Download SecureCRT.

Please contact us for assistance in finding the right solution for your organization.

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Connecting to the Math Department with the Secure Shell

  1. Ssh (Secure Shell)

Ssh Secure Shell Mac Download Free Download

  1. Ssh (Secure Shell)

    On Unix-like enviroments such as Linux you can login remotely and transferfiles between machines using ssh, scp and sftp.For non-Unix environments such as Windows see below.

    For security reasons, in general it is not possible to connect to amachine inside the Math Department from outside the university unlessyou are using VPN.On the other hand, if your are inside the university network (or using VPN)and your machine has ssh (the secure shell) installed,then you may be able to connect to some selected public machines in theMath department with a command like this:

    If your have different login names on the local and remote machines,typewhere username is your username in the department computer network.

    The connection provided by ssh is secure because all theinformation is transmitted encrypted.

    The ssh command works pretty much like rlogin, but youcannot use it for transferring files. For that purpose use scpor sftp.For instance, in order to copy the file foo from your homedirectory on the department network to the directory /tmp on your local machine type:

    The program sftp works like ftp, i.e., you open first a sessionand then transfer files with the usual commands put, get,etc. The session ends with exit, quit, or bye.

    Note: The secure shell (ssh) should also be used insteadof telnet or rlogin for any connection between machinesinside the Math Department, since it provides highersecurity.

  2. PuTTY

    PuTTYis a free implementation of Telnet and SSH for Win32 platforms,written and maintained primarily by Simon Tatham.
  3. Mac ssh

    Under the hood Mac OS X is (BSD) Unix. Hence you can use ssh ona terminal Window as you would on any Unix-like environment.
  4. Crossplatform solutions

    FileZillais a free crossplatform easy to use solution for transferring filesbetween machines. Download the FileZilla Client for your OS and followthe instructions on their website. NOTE: the version downoaded using thebig green button may come withadware, i.e.,ad generating software. We recommend to go to'Show additional download options' to get a link to an adware-free versionof FileZilla.