Things To Download When You Buy A New Macbook Pro

One of the things that’s striking about the new MacBook Pro is how it’s similar to the old model. The keyboard, Touch Bar, and build are solid design upgrades, but the last time the MacBook. 5 things to consider before you buy a new MacBook. Apple, of course, will be more than happy to sell you a 13-in. MacBook Pro or even a MacBook Air. Otherwise, if you're seeking. Despite appearances, the Blade Pro isn't really a competitor to the MacBook Pro. However, it does have the system performance and high-quality display you would expect from one of Apple's top laptops. In this example, John Appleseed is a macOS user account. If it has the same name as an account already on your new Mac, you're prompted to either rename the old account or replace the one on your new Mac. If you rename, the old account will appear as a separate user on your new Mac, with a separate home folder and login. If you replace, the old. If you're on the lookout for a thin and easy-to-carry laptop sleeve that can fit your MacBook Pro, the Inateck is the ideal choice. It comes in different colors of gray and has two compartments.

Here’s some of the thing you should be doing after setting up your new Macbook Pro.

If you just purchased a Macbook Pro for the first time, there’s a few tricks you can implement to get the most out of you new laptop. Sure, it’s not required but we can guarantee that you’ll thank us later for this. To answer the question, Daud M. Balling takes the helm below.

1. Learn the basic Swipe Gestures:Use your fingers to use your Mac in OS X Mountain Lion.

2. Take a few minutes to learn the basic Hotkey Functions in the Mac OS Operating system. OS X keyboard shortcuts. This will quickly improve your overall experience when working with different applications and ease your daily workflow.

3. Learn the basic on Installing Applications How to install an application on your Mac.( Often new mac users forget to delete the .DMG ‘Disk Image’ file afterwards. Which is essentially your ‘installation file’. If you don’t need it anymore after installation, why keep it?)

4. Easily find everything you are looking for on your mac using the built-in Mac Basics: Spotlight. (Learn the simple hotkey)

5. You can try and install a small application calledSpectacle . It’s a small application that runs in the background. As they say on their website; “

Move and resize your windows with ease” Take a few minutes to learn and use the hotkeys. It might seem as a lot to do for just learning to resize your windows, but it’s really not, and I find it to be very useful.

6. Go get Dropbox – Downloading Dropbox and Google Drive – Free Cloud Storage

7. Visit the AppStore So many powerful apps. Built right in. An icon for the AppStore should be located in your Dock or Application folder. Here you will find a lot of free and paid apps.

8. Browsers. Pick your favorite and download/install them. Chrome, Mozilla Firefox Web Browser, Opera browser – The alternative web browser. You should already have Safari installed .

Things To Download When You Buy A New Macbook Pro

9. Setup iCloud. Your content. On all your devices. Sync your Calendar, Contacts, Photos etc. to the “Cloud”.

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10. Connect to your social networks like Facebook & Twitter. Setting Up Twitter & Other Social Networks

This is just some example and suggestions. I hope this will help you enjoy your new Mac computer even more.

Things To Download When You Buy A New Macbook Pro Or Wait

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