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This is TFSSCExplorerExtension version for Visual Studio 2013.
Other versions:
Visual Studio 2015
Visual Studio 2012
Visual Studio 2010

Visual Studio 2019 for Mac. Develop apps and games for iOS, Android and using.NET. Download Visual Studio for Mac. Create and deploy scalable, performant apps using.NET and C# on the Mac. Microsoft has introduced Team Foundation Server Version control for Visual Studio Code. In this blogpost, let us look how to incorporate it into your environment. TFS control is available as an. Download Microsoft Visual Studio Test Professional - A powerful software solution that aims to provide a friendly environment for the collaboration between development teams and testers. How to Disconnect a Solution from TFS. There are a number of reasons for disconnecting a Visual Studio solution from TFS: You are making a backup for archival purposes; You are moving the source code to a new repository server It is important to understand that Visual Studio/TFS puts entire folder trees ('workspaces') under source control. Visual Studio for Mac connects to TFS server and collection, but does not recognize projects in collection 2 Solution Unable to clone Git repo from TFS 2015 in Visual Studio for Mac 0 Solution VS4MAC - Nuget Restore - WriteRestoreGraphTask failed - 'not a valid version string'.

Note: If update directly from VS does not work, please download and install extension from file in gallery.

TFSSCExplorerExtension (Team Foundation Server Source Control Explorer Extension) is Visual Studio 2010/2012/2013/2015 Extension Package that adds new features to theTFS Source Control Explorer window for TFS 2010/2012/2013. Most important new features areDrag & Drop support, Move and Branch functions even for multiple files selection andMerge from Sources feature.

April 2015 Update (New)

  • Version for VS 2015 CTP
  • Confirm checkbox in Destroy and Destroy a work item function
  • Checkbox for keephistory switch in Destroy function
  • Added Undo Unchanged function to the Actions menu of the Pending Changes window
  • Version Changeset selection in Branch to Folder function
  • Advanced Merge function for force merge and merge discard options
  • Some more fixes

April 2014 Update

  • Fix for Visual Studio 2013 Update 2 RC.
  • Added Destroy Work Item function on Team menu

November 2013 Update

  • Changed Folder sourse and Folder target icons. Fixed icons displaying forVS dark theme.
  • Multiple Cloak / Uncloak function
  • Include extension context commands also into File Source Control menu
  • Fixed bug 'Microsoft Visual Studio has detected that an operation is blocking user input.' in Folder Browser Dialog
  • Fixed bug 'An item with the same key has already been added.'
  • Fix detection of Source and Target item branches
  • Displaying Visual Studio items icons in Merge from Sources dialog treeview.

October 2013 Update

  • Version for Visual Studio 2013
  • New method for determining source of the Branching and Merging functions, Baseless merge support inMerge from Sources.
  • ErrorFailure messages support (some errors are displayed in VS Output window)
  • Some more fixes from Error Reports

December 24th 2012 Update

  • Filter Folders by folder mapping fearure now works with cloaked folders too. This behaviour can be turn on/off in Options page.
  • Branch to Folder, Merge from Sources functions are moved toBranching and Merging submenu.
  • Package instalation support changed to Visual Studio 2012 Shell (Integrated).
  • Show/Hide Deleted function icon changed to same as this function has now on VS Update 1.
  • Some more fixes.

June 2012 Update

  • New Filter Folders by folder mapping Feature that enable filtering of folders in Source Control Explorer treeview to only mapped folders in the currently selected workspace.
  • Udates and fixes for Visual Studio 2012 RC.
  • Error reporting improvements.
  • Show / hide deleted items and Destroy functions moved toAdvanced submenu.
  • Fixed some bugs.

February 2012 Update

  • New 'Get Check In file date from comments in Source Safe converted projects' option allows to turn back retrieving Check In file date from comments for Source Safe converted projects. This behaviour is now off by default.
  • Fixed System.NullReferenceException BUG in VersionControlServer_OperationFinished.
  • Message for handling TFS SQL Server Error: 18054.
  • Fixed error handling for some TFS errors.

January 2012 Update

  • Fixed BUG in Icon change function.
  • Fixed BUG NullReferenceException with null Workspace in ExtensionCommand QueryStatus.
  • Fixed BUG TF10125: The path '$' must start with $/ and Error 'Full path can only be retrieved when a TreeNode has been added to a TreeView' and ArgumentOutOfRangeException 'startIndex cannot be larger than length of string'.
  • Error reporting feature for sending error messages.
  • Icons in SC Tree and List is now filled asynchronously in Icon change function.
  • Fixed merge list in Merge from Sources function.

December 2011 Update

  • Fixed BUG in Undo changes to unchanged files function, if some files areunsaved. This state is now detected and error Message is displayed.
  • Fixed BUG in Icon change function with someBranched folders it cause freeze Source Control window.
  • Icon change and Merge from Sources functions are not supported if TFSSCExplorerExtension is running against TFS 2008/2005 in the back-end.
    This TFS error 'The Team Foundation server to which your team project is connected does not support querying merge relationships.' was showed repeatedly.
    These functions are still not supported but now if TFSSCExplorerExtension is running agains TFS 2008/2005these functions are disabled and no error is displayed.

Visual Studio Mac Tfs

October 2011 Update

  • New feature Undo changes to unchanged files in Pending Changes window toolbar.
  • Icon change function is now applied also on items in Branched folders.
  • Added disabling Branch command if file is new or deleted.
  • Added disabling Destroy command if file is new, move or branch pending.
  • Fixed BUG in File move function.

August 2011 Update

  • Enable Files icon change function now change icons also for Branched folders. Icon is changed in file list and in Folder Tree view of Source Control Explorer too.
  • Fixed BUG with DoubleClick on the file list of Source Control Explorer.
  • Fixed Exceptions and errors handling
  • Show Deleted items and Destroy menu commands optionis now splited into two separated options: Enable Show deleted items menu command andEnable Destroy menu command
  • Added license file
  • Changed Drag Drop context menu to Visual Studio context menu

Note: If some TFS Source operation cannot be done (e.g. Branch file that is already branched), error message is normaly displayed inVisual Studio Output window. For this to work TFS SQL Server database must have error mesages insys.messages table otherwise SQL exception is raised. If TFS doesn't have added sys.messages it can be fixed by running this command:
TFSConfig PrepSQL /SQLInstance:ServerName[InstanceName]

July 2011 Update

  • Fixed File icon change function
    Folder branches is now ignored in merge relationships so file icons in branched folders remain unchanged.
  • Options Page
    Added Tools Options dialog Page with these options: Show Deleted items and Destroy menu commands,Enable Files icon change, Enable Change files date on Get.

Move to Folder

Standard Move function requires entering new filename for selected file so this function is not supported for multiple files selection. New function Move to Folder requires entering or choosing only target location (Source Control folder) and can be used for multiple files.

After dialog confirm, files are moved to new location; filenames are kept same as in original files.


Branch to Folder

Similar to Move to Folder function this function requires entering or choosing only file location and therefore can be used for multiple files selection (unlike standardBranch function). Branches are crated to new location; filenames are kept same as in original files.

Merge from Sources

After activating this function shows folder tree with files that are branched to the selected folder (or folders/files in case of multiple selection). Dialog shows all branched files not only modified files. Files in tree can be selected, after clicking OK button are on all selected files executed Merge operation in TFS (unmodified files are ignored).

Note: Merge and Branch functions are in TFS used as replacement of File Share function in Visual Source Safe. Branch function is used e.g. from some common share location to your project (this can be simplified with newBranch to Folder function). Further Merge function is used to applied changes back to common share location. If we need update all files in project that has multiple files branched from various locations we can use exactly this function Merge from Sources. (In VSS this was done right away byGet Latest Version function that automatically updates all shared files too.)

File icon change

In the file list on the left side of Source Control Explorer window arebranched files displayed with changed icon.

Icon is displayed at files that are target of Branch operation or if file is branched only to one location. If file is branched to more than one location its icon is changed to icon .

Drag & Drop

Visual studio mac tfs

TFSSCExplorerExtension adds drag & drop support between file list in the left side and folder tree in the right side of theSource Control Explorer window (standard functionality is only drag & drop support from Windows Explorer). Dragging with left mouse button executesMove action to the target folder. Dragging with right mouse button opens context menu withMove, Branch and Copy options.

Move and Branch options perform above described functions. Copy option creates file copy to local workspace location and add file from this location to the source control.

Show / hide deleted items

It is context menu option for quicker switching on and off 'Show deleted items in the Source Control Explorer' option normally accessible fromVisual Studio Tool Options Dialog in Source Control TFS section.

Tfs Visual Studio Tutorial


This option permanently removes files or folders from Source Control. It can be called for multiple items selection, on existing files or files previously deleted (withShow deleted items option on).


Source Control changes and fixes

Except above described new functions added to Source Control Explorer UI,TFSSCExplorerExtension contains some more features that change or fixTFS Source Control itself.

Those are:

  • Get (Get Latest Version or Get Specific Version) operation changes file date to fileCheck In date (similarly to Visual Source Safe Get operation).
  • After adding new file to Source Control, file read-only attribute is removed so file can be directly edited in Visual Studio Editor.
  • After renaming file, refresh of Pending Changes tool window is forced. With standard functionality is renamed file displayed in Pending Changes window as two changes (two rows) andCheck In operation can't be performed.

Prague, Czech Republic

I recently had a problem in which I could not add a new project to an existing solution which was bound to TFS source control. The only option I would get when I right-clicked on the new project was Source Control -> Add Solution to Source Control, which looked something like this:

I couldn't for the life of me figure out why it wouldn't let me check the project in, as it had before.

Until I noticed something:

Normally, when you have a file checked in to TFS, a little icon appears next to that file. Said icon could be a blue padlock (not checked out to you), a green plus (pending add), a red check (checked out to you), or various other symbols. But my solution file (.SLN) did not have any icon at all.

Visual Studio For Mac Tfs Download Source

This told me that it wasn't checked in to TFS, which I knew was highly improbable since I had pulled this particular project to my machine from our TFS server a few weeks ago.

The actual problem was that the solution file had somehow become unbound from our source control server. This means that TFS no longer tracks the file, and cannot record any changes made to it. I still do not know how the solution file became unbound, but frankly I don't care; I just needed to add my new project to the solution.

A little bit of research later, I figured out how to fix this problem. In Visual Studio 2017, you can use File -> Source Control -> Advanced -> Change Source Control to open the Change Source Control dialog:

NOTE: The black bars are intentional.

Now, all you have to do is select the unbound solution file and click the Bind item from the top menu of the dialog. If Visual Studio can find the bindings (which, in my case, it could) then your solution will be rebound to TFS and you can add your project as your normally would.

Happy Coding!