Why Won't .mkv Files Download On My Macbook Air

I just went to a concert last night and I took a few videos and I would like to add to my photos library but they are not importing. Does anybody know why this happens?

Is iCloud turned on? If so, your pictures are probably stored in iCloud and won't import as they might if stored directly on the iPhone. If it's on, Google how to access and download your photos from iCloud. They may well be stored there.

Why Won

All over Microsoft apps will open without problems, but when I click to open word it just bounces as if its trying to open for a few minutes then stops bouncing. If I right click it says 'Application not responding' and will only allow me to force quit. I have updated my Mac, my Microsoft apps are all up to date and I have restarted my computer. Your Apple mouse, trackpad, or keyboard isn't working in Windows. Force Touch isn't designed to work in Windows. You don't hear audio from the built-in speakers of your Mac in Windows. The built-in microphone or camera of your Mac isn't recognized in Windows. One or more screen resolutions are unavailable for your display in Windows.

Why Won't .mkv Files Download On My Macbook Air Pro

'Why won't my Macbook Air let me import my videos on my iPhone to Photos?'

You did not tell what you see in the Photos app. The Air itself probably is not actually preventing ('won't let me').

Why Won't .mkv Files Download On My Macbook Air 13.3

Try this…
- Connect the iPhone to the Air.
- Sign in to the iPhone to unlock it.
- Launch the Photos app on the Air.
- Select the 'Import' tab.

Do you see the videos?
Then they may not actually be on the iPhone.
Then select one and click the button 'Import Selected'.

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